Foibos’ creations ... the chandeliers at JBoutique.

Foibos, a Czech Republic-based glass specialist, continues to introduce to the region a number of innovative concepts that aesthetically combine art glass with lighting solutions through its Middle East branch in Bahrain.

The company’s design team, supported by sophisticated manufacturing capacity in the Czech Republic, create stunning products made with hand-blown glass and mould melted glass sculpture technology that have become a cynosure within their ambience.
Following the installation last year of the majestic 450 by 500 cm chandelier at the main lobby of Gulf Hotel in Bahrain, which features brass tubes and crystal spikes, Foibos has seen yet another of its creations become the focal attraction at JBoutique in the Sheraton complex in the country.
“This striking chandelier, which measures 414 cm by 105 cm, is probably one of the biggest and most impressive chandeliers in the kingdom’s boutiques,” says Milan Spiller, regional manager of Foibos.
This one-of-a-kind glass chandelier has been created by Foibos combining the conceptual design of Decovar Orient Bahrain with the aesthetic beauty of blue Sapphire crystals.
Some of the company’s striking glass works include a giant 320 cm by 180 cm crystal sculpture of a coral tree made of hand-blown crystal and glass layers designed by the company’s art director, Jiri Suhajek, and available in Bahrain for private collectors.
Foibos offers more than 100 different colour variations in cast mould melted glass technology for interior designers and others involved in exclusive building construction projects of the region. The mould melted glass sculpture technology can be used in a wide range of applications extending from glass walls with an optical function to independent sculptures and design objects to complement or be an intrinsic part of an architectural work.
“In addition, our hand-blown glass technology allows us to manufacture products of various shapes, colours, techniques, multiple layers and silvering levels. With one of the biggest furnaces in the world, we are able to cater to a versatile range of demanding orders for architecture and design for mould melted glass technology,” says Spiller.
Other aesthetic elements created for a number of private villas in Bahrain include hand mould melted glass steps in sea blue and green colours, which are backlit to stunning effect, cast mould melted glass panels, balustrade segments and ellipsoid for wooden handrails as well as headboard mould curved decorative glass panels, which have LED illumination; as well as cast metal lanterns for a private residence in Saudi Arabia, The company has also manufactured mould melted crystal glass pieces for interior architectural glassworks for pylons and columns with LED and mould melted glass monuments to be used in a seven-star hotel in the Middle East.
Foibos Middle East’s role is to coordinate the design, supply and installation of solutions for residential and commercial premises in the region. These can include unique decorative light fittings combined with columns decorated with ring sculpture lighting and LED sources to reflect the essence of the project.
“Having impressed the client or partner with our initial presentation, we then invite them to our glass workshops at our headquarters in the Czech Republic, to see for themselves the vast range and variety of effects and designs created with Czech glass. We also invite architects and interior designers directly involved in the projects, so that they can realise for themselves the high level of craftsmanship and uniqueness of raw materials and technique of processing involved in producing these exclusive glass creations,” says Spiller.
Established in 1992, Foibos employs designers and artists who specialise in creating glass architecture that accentuate the unique qualities of glass with regard to its transparency, translucency, reflectivity, and colour. Its designers and glass makers at its base in Northern Bohemia continue to fine-tune their techniques of manufacturing exclusive mould-melted glass, blown-glass, re-melting crushed glass, fused glass, glass bricks and stained “cathedral” among others.