THE movement and lifting of large objects are commonplace in high-risk industries such as oil and gas, maritime and construction, and with this comes an element of risk even when stringent safety precautions are in place.

Heavy and imbalanced loads, and the transfer of objects to and from vessels moving with the sea swell, add additional challenges to operations that are already complex and high risk.

With 90 per cent of crane accidents occurring due to human error (Bureau of Labour Statistics), it is clear that a focus on operator training will go some way towards reducing accidents involving heavy lifting equipment.

As digital technologies advance and companies look to increase efficiencies and improve competence levels while continuing to reduce costs, simulations are becoming an integral part of the training and reassessment process of crane and lifting personnel.

Simulator technology allows to bring complex operational procedures to life and gives operators the opportunity to practice emergency scenarios in a risk-free environment.

RelyOn Nutec Advanced Dynamic Simulators provide high quality 3D visualisation of offshore and port lifting operations. With the ability to simulate multiple cranes, offshore platform, and vessel types, they provide a flexible training environment that can be adapted to the specific requirements of our customers who operate within a variety of sectors.

They also have the capability to simulate different types of objects and containers, various crane operation failures, such as load drops and power outages, and adjustable environmental conditions, for example, rain, snow, high waves and fog.

Clients use RelyOn Nutec simulators for the assessment and training of new crane operators, to ensure their competence prior to deploying them offshore or to quay side, or for continued training and competence assurance throughout their careers. Increasingly they see the value of investing in advanced simulation technology to improve and maintain their personnel skills and capabilities.

RelyOn Nutec crane simulators are a key performance driver and clients can quickly achieve return on investment (ROI) through greater operating efficiency, higher service levels and faster turn-around, as well as ensuring safer operations with less downtime and damage to people, facilitates, cargo or the environment.

Implementing a learning and skills management strategy, which utilises crane simulation is the key to increasing productivity. RelyOn Nutec’s suite of simulators have automated student evaluation (Eva) solutions integrated into them and they can also be delivered with the company’s learning management solution (LMS), enabling clients to methodically build each employees career path, as well as suggesting where to invest their training budgets to improve competence.

This can be further integrated with RelyOn Nutec’s competence management system and e-learning solutions based on client’s operational procedures and KPIs, allowing the company to offer a fully turn-key digital competency solution where we quickly identify and fill competency gaps.

Going forward, RelyOn Nutec expects crane simulation to be more widely adopted as customers increasingly seek to run safer and more efficient lifting and logistical operations. The cost of just one accident along with its downtime will be far higher than the costs of implementing a site specific digital training and competence solution based on advanced dynamic simulation!

A RelyOn Nutec crane simulator is to be installed at the company’s Qatar centre in June 2021, and will be the first of its kind in the country. The training facility, which is already accredited to deliver OPITO rigger and banksman training, will add a range of Sparrows Group specialist crane operator and lifting courses to its extensive course portfolio, bringing a global standard of lifting training which will assure safety and workforce competence across the region.