MATI Consult, a service-oriented firm with headquarters in Dubai, has recently created and installed 18 energy trees that surround Terra — the Sustainability Pavilion at Expo 2020. 
MATI Consult has also recently been awarded for its involvement in the construction of 12 Expo 2020 pavilions and large shading structures at the world fair, setting high standards for sustainable development in the region.
Known for delivering on a multitude of world-class architectural and sustainable award-winning structures, the consultancy has continued to play a pivotal role in shifting the Middle East’s construction and energy towards sustainable practices, a statement said. 
In line with Dubai’s Clean Energy Strategy 2050, Mati Consult's Co-Founder and CEO, Elisa Ruggeri, was the leader behind the construction of this mastery, “solar forest”. Contracted to leverage her extensive expertise, the tree structures turn almost imperceptibly every second to catch each glimmer of sunlight, thanks to the specialty mechanism and software developed by the consultancy firm, together with Lanaro, a renowned Italian steel and technology manufacturer.
The energy supplied by these trees through the solar photovoltaic (PV) panels will power the entire building, setting an example for future projects in the country. The GPS embedded in the system allows the solar trees to rotate and assist in collecting precise information of all the geographical parameters to catch and maximise the power of the sun. 
The energy trees, together with the 130-m-wide Terra Pavilion canopy and 4,912 solar panels, will generate 4 GWh of electricity every year, enough to charge more than 900,000 smartphones. Additionally, the forest tree structures will charge during the day and store energy which can then be used for multiple purposes, showing a great example of pursuing the Emirate's goal to produce 75% of its energy from clean sources by 2050. 
"I am beyond proud of our solar trees displayed at Expo2020, as they fully represent and align with MATI's vision. The 'solar forest,' we trust will attract further interest in solar energy usage across the region. Our live demonstration will showcase MATI's tangible efforts to achieve a full shift towards renewable energy, and sustainability must be our driving force through this century. We have to change our approach to construction and the way we live our lives," commented Ruggeri. - TradeArabia News Service