Platform technology makes information accessible to all that need it.

The question successful construction companies in the Middle East need to ask is not “how do I maintain success?” but rather “how do I amplify it?”

That’s because ours is a region that is constantly moving forwards with bigger and bolder ambitions. Never content with resting on their laurels, construction companies in the Middle East are instead the worldwide flag bearers of innovation.

One such company is Dubai-based boutique fit-out business, Verve. A Procore customer, Verve has recently enjoyed an enviable period of growth, with company turnover going up 252 per cent since January 2021 and the average project value rising from AED600,000 to AED1.85 million ($163,322 to $503,580). This for a company only founded in 2017.

Most people looking on might ask, “what is their secret?” – after all, these metrics are no flukes. Verve has achieved them on the back of excellent client relations and a desire to go above and beyond. All in an industry notorious for customer expectations that evolve on a near daily basis.

But while Verve’s qualities are numerous, at the heart of them is one great enabler-technology. The value of technology has always been obvious in construction. For such a complex, often disconnected industry, dependent on compliance and productivity, technology can make performing at speed a reality.

And Verve has always been attuned to this, reaping the benefits to breed a heightened sense of collaboration, better visibility, ease of use, and time efficiencies. No latecomer to the potential of technology, Verve began life with it at the core of how it operates.

Any company like Verve might stop there, thinking the job is done. But this company’s team knew this wasn't the case and what was really needed was a platform to get the business’s technologies working in harmony.

Verve turned to Procore to provide just that; one single hub for projects and processes that offers a link between them and the team. This way, visibility is optimised, without coming at the expense of accessibility and ease of use. And the way everyone works is not only connected, but empowered.

You might think empowered is a bit of a stretch, but because platform technology prioritises real-time access to plans, notes, project status updates, and more – your team never loses sight of their purpose and how their work slots into the bigger picture.

As John Juanillo, Document Controller for Projects at Verve, says: “With real-time access to plan changes, associated notes, and project status updates, regardless of where we all are, we remain tethered to every conversation.”

Verve’s second line of managers, in particular, feel the benefits of having extensive project knowledge at their fingertips. It creates an environment where information isn’t siloed based on job title or seniority, and instead is accessible to all that need it.

This also creates a culture where senior teams no longer need to look over their employees’ shoulders. Because, whether on an onsite visit or at a client pitch, team members can take the company knowledge centre with them. This is also a boon to career progression at a time when more workers are hungry for it than ever before. 

Juanillo continues: “Micromanagement has become a thing of the past as no one finds themselves in the dark or needing to ask questions about a project’s health. It’s all there to see at the click of a button.”

These sweeping benefits are why we mustn't think of technology as the last step in future-proofing our business – but the first. The region’s construction business is showing no sign of slowing down – so nor should we.

And Verve certainly isn’t. After a period of huge success, the fit-out business only wants one thing – more of it. This means more streamlining of processes, more reduction of defects, and more quality delivered in less time.

But this attitude is symptomatic of their hunger to deliver more. Now there’s nothing standing in the way of them remaining agile and delivering knock-out customer experiences.

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