The lounge environment by<br>Dupont ... futuristic

FUTURISTIC design concepts including an undulating “dividing” wall with articulated seating, indicative bathroom and kitchen environments and display shelving, put the spotlight on the innovative design possibilities and the aesthetical attributes of DuPont Corian at a special exhibition held in Italy recently.
The exclusive product of DuPont was the star of the display called “Corian super-surfaces” at the Milan week of design – Salone Internazionale del Mobile. At the exhibition, Dupont and Amanda Levete_Architects (AL_A) presented the conceptual lounge environment that was designed with advanced digital technologies, created with innovative fabrication techniques and combined with dynamic visual effects, to reveal the versatility afforded by DuPont Corian.
The sculptural interpretation of the lounge environment showcased the amazing material performance of DuPont Corian and highlighted its inherent ability to modify perceptions of space and form.
The key to the concept is that all the fundamentals are moulded out from the background, rather than “added on” and all are made with DuPont Corian.
“While each structure was self-supporting and aesthetically complete, with or without illumination, the effects created by an integrated LED backlighting were key to the altered perceptions offered when moving around the space,” says a spokesman for DuPont.
Giving an insight into the exhibit, Amanda Levete of AL_A says: “The lounge is a loosely defined architectural concept about a space that is animated by the movement of people in transit. A drop of water creating a series of ripples became our metaphor for transforming space through movement. Just as the ripple causes intricate moiré patterns in water, the lounge installation created from DuPont Corian is about revealing the moment of change through visual complexity. With the repetition of identical elements that have been physically transformed, a frozen moment is captured through a sequence of dynamic surfaces creating kinetic visual effects.”
Corian can be used to create dynamic visual effects, she points out and the surface transformations conceived by AL_A pushed the technical possibilities of Corian by exploiting its pliability and using the twisted geometry of the sheets to bring structural integrity.
Working closely with the technical and fabrication teams for DuPont Corian, AL_A has developed advanced and highly efficient solutions for producing the sequential curving formations of the material, opening up further innovative possibilities for designing with this original, iconic, high-performance material.
DuPont Corian non-porous solid surface is an advanced composite material delivering superior levels of functionality and aesthetical performance for flat and curved surfacing applications in residential, public and commercial environments, indoor and outdoor. It is used worldwide by thousands of architects, designers, professionals and companies to create interior design, furnishing, lighting and architectural solutions for a wide range of sectors and varied applications.
“DuPont Corian can be formed into virtually any shape or design a designer can mastermind, whether that’s a softly rounded ergonomic desk, an intricately carved decorative pillar, or a 20-ft long reception desk,” says the spokesman.
It can be modelled via thermoforming and can be worked like wood to achieve numerous decorative effects – edges can be rounded, surfaces can be engraved or sand-blasted with intricate designs, images can be transferred on the surface via sublimation technique, surface can be treated via CNC machine routing or via the controlled application of heat and pressure. The product is joined with inconspicuous seams, so designers are not restrained by size – massive structures appear to have been crafted from a single piece of DuPont Corian.
With more than 100 colours now available, DuPont Corian can fit in with any colour scheme or style of décor – from classic whites or pastel shades to ultra-modern, dramatic bright, textured or shimmering hues. The product has a unique translucency, which gives the material an extra dimension when light is added, and makes it an ideal choice for lighting designs, the spokesman says.
“DuPont Corian withstands a lot of wear and tear, even the heavy abuse received in high traffic commercial environments. Where scratches and cuts do occur, these are easily removable, while more serious damage can generally be repaired on-site with the minimum of inconvenience,” he points out.
Non-porous and joined with inconspicuous seams, DuPont Corian is hygienic and easy to clean. “Its hygienic performances, superior to those of many conventional materials, have been certified also by German LGA QualiTest independent organisation,” the spokesman says. “The Greenguard Environmental Institute has designated the product, as well as the related sealants and adhesives from DuPont, as Greenguard indoor air quality certified, ensures compliance with strict emission criteria for indoor air quality.”
DuPont is a science-based products and services company and a leading supplier of materials, products and technologies for the global community of professionals and companies operating in architecture, design, building and construction sectors.