Hempel’s Fusions range ... exquisite<br>effects created using Fusion Pearl

HEMPEL has opened up a new world of decorative effects that can be created using its Fusions range of finishes, to suit any mood or enhance the ambiance of even the most basic interiors.
 “Fusions is a perfect blend of effects, ideas and innovations to suit every mood and has been designed to make it easy to achieve paint effects reliably,” says Mohamad Baitie, regional brand manager, Hempel Middle East (West). “The range includes a number of exciting products that add depth and character to the overall design.”
The decorative finishes that can be achieved with the Fusions range with products such as Aquamarble, Plaster and Pearl, have been unveiled in a new brochure for the benefit of Hempel’s customers.
“Decorating can be a stressful time, but Hempel eases the pressure and takes you on an exquisite adventure with our expert advice and easy-to-apply beautiful Fusions range to bring the textures and vitality of exciting decoration,” he adds.


Fusions Aquamarble
This product creates the luxurious feel of real Italian marble on walls while being easy on the environment with its low-odour properties. Quick drying and easy to polish up to a realistic marble gloss, Fusions Aquamarble outperforms many other stucco finishes, Baitie says.
Fusions Aquamarble 990ME is a waterborne, paste-like material, specially formulated to give an artistic marble-like or Venetian stucco finish. The product is ultra-smooth and easy to apply, allowing the applicator to obtain the desired effect quickly. It exhibits a glossy finish for interior walls, ceilings, partitions, soffits, and trims and cornices and can be used as a full-finish coating system to create a wide variety of special decorative effects.
Fusions Aquamarble is offered in 48 of the popular and sophisticated ready-mixed colours, with a special mixing service also provided to further widen the choice of colours.


Fusions Plaster
Fusions Plaster is a water-based acrylic plaster system that can be applied to the wall by trowel and then textured to achieve different plaster effects. Available as Fusion Plaster Stone Tex and Fusion Plaster Craftex, this line has been formulated to allow extended working time and to ensure the achievement of consistent texture in large areas as well as a unique aged finish. Where time is at a premium, the Fusions Plaster Wash, a ready-mixed pre-tinted wash, can be used to provide the desired effect.
“The line’s earthy collection imparts warmth into the home, its texture adding depth and richness from the natural world and soothing away the stresses and strains of modern life. When combined with Fusions Metal effects, Fusions Plaster adds a sense of opulence and drama,” Baitie says.


Fusions Pearl
Ragging, sponging and stippling modern clean colours mixed with Fusions Pearl onto walls gives the home the relaxing feel of a luxurious and majestic retreat. “Whether it is the opulence of a royal palace or the subtle elegance of a classical home, the creative sophistication of Fusions stencilling effects brings grandeur to the ambiance,” Baitie points out.
Fusions Pearlescent 987ME is a 100 per cent pure acrylic water-borne paint, formulated to give an attractive pearlescent effect. Due to its long open time, expressions such as ragging, stamping, and stencilling can be easily achieved on top of various base coats and textures. It can be applied to interior walls, ceilings, partitions, soffits, and trims and cornices to create a wide variety of special decorative effects.
A number of stencilling effects can be created with Fusions Pearl, namely:
• Draping, which with sumptuous effects, seems to dress the home with soft silks and oversized florals in metals and pearls;
• Impressing, with its soft, subtle touches adds delicate glamour and luxury to the room;
• Defining, which makes a statement and defines the mood for the room with gorgeous borders and stripes. Powerful colours create depth and drama to the simplest space.
A marbling effect can also be produced with Fusions Pearl to recreate the delicate colour blending and deep veining of natural marble and thus bring a dignified and calm feel to any room.
The Fusions range also includes:
• Fusions Metal Paint 981ME, a waterborne metallic finish based on 100 per cent pure acrylic emulsion. It has a luxurious decorative metallic glow, which gives innovative effects while providing maximum durability, Baitie says. It can be used as a full-finish coat on smooth or textured paint systems and to create a wide variety of special decorative effects on interior walls, ceilings, partitions, soffits, and trims and cornices;
• Fusions solvent-borne glaze 920ME, a superior-quality oil-based glaze formulated to create special colour effects and expressions such as ragging, dragging, stippling, graining, and marbling. The product is used to modify the working or open time, flow, translucency, and drying time of the paint that is applied on areas such as panels, walls, beams and furniture; and
• Fusions clear acrylic varnish (Gloss 081ME, Eggshell 082ME, and Matt 083 ME), a high-grade pure acrylic-based, water-borne clear varnish. The product is washable and has excellent durability and non-yellowing properties. It is used in interiors, mainly to provide additional protection and a smooth gloss finish over previously-painted surfaces, and to create special effects like colour wash, scumble glaze, pearlescent and metallic paints.
Hempel, a global leader in the production and sales of protective and decorative coatings, has been supplying coatings to the decorative, protective and marine market in the Middle East for more than 40 years, providing a wealth of experience in dealing with the regional conditions.
“Our clients can have complete confidence that our products and services will be well suited to their specific needs. The company continuously invests in research and development to ensure that its customers consistently receive high quality paints with superior performance,” says Baitie.
Hempel Middle East (West) Technical Services’ main task is to secure and maintain a high level of overall customer satisfaction, to maximise coating performance of products and support the company’s goal of delivering high quality products and services worldwide, he concludes.