A Raghadan project ... luxurious.

RAGHADAN, one of the Arab world’s largest paint companies, has recently launched a new range of silicon and anti-microbial coating systems, which focus on protecting building structures at the micro level, maintaining their value, and minimising their maintenance cost.

“Over the years, most building facades suffer severe damage from aggressive weather conditions, industrial emissions that lead to deterioration of the structure due to accumulated deposits of damp, dirt, soot, and cracking.
“With our silicon coating system, customers get an ideal façade coating, which keeps out liquid water without hindering the wall’s water vapour permeability, while providing damp and dirt build-up resistance and the reinforcement of silicon on wall’s capillaries and pores,” says Dr Hisham Ali, sales and marketing director of the Saudi-based company.
It thus protects facades, preserves the building fabric, maintains its value, and minimises façade’s maintenance cost. Such paints are designed for buildings located in humid areas, he adds.
Raghadan’s anti-microbial coating system, meanwhile, is described as the optimum solution for protection against micro-organisms such as bacteria, fungi, and algae that are known to cause life-threatening conditions for humans, especially in the food catering/service and medical facilities. The system is based on anti-microbial properties of silver ions, which prevent bacterial growth.
“Generally, even regular disinfection and sterilisation is not enough to combat microorganisms effectively. However, Raghadan’s anti-microbial coating system is the optimum solution in anti-microbial coating application for hospitals, medical centres, schools, public buildings, restaurants and any other facilities where high hygiene standards need to be maintained,” Dr Ali says.
Apart from these products, Raghadan has been a pioneer in creating and introducing the latest trends and techniques in decorative paints, which offer complete solutions for stylish and environment-friendly interior décor for walls. The new decorative special effects include the Velvet and Pearl effects.
Velvet is a decorative effect coating used for interior surfaces to create luxurious, warm interior walls. Using a combination of special-effect additives, Velvet transforms plain walls into vibrant three-dimensional surfaces, he says. This decorative effect is available in an attractive range of shades.

Pearl or Atoshinto is a pearly compound that gives walls a permanent aesthetic touch inspired by the beauty of precious stones. It is distinguished by its high performance and is available in various colours that would be suitable for interior and exterior application.
Other Raghadan products include a wide range of emulsion and enamel paints, primers and textures, industrial paints, sealants, NC (nitrocellulose) and epoxy paints, wood coatings and varnishes.
Raghadan was established in 1974 and has been successfully operating in the paints business for 35 years in Saudi Arabia and the wider Arab world. It has four paints factories and six paint companies – in Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Qatar, Jordan, Egypt and the UK – 15 branches, 20 agents and more than 500 authorised distributors in the Arab world.
“Raghadan has been proudly providing the Saudi and the other Arab countries with the latest decorative paints styles and techniques in coordination with leading international paint companies such as Akzo Nobel of Europe, which is number one globally in the paints sector; Kansai Paint Company of Japan, number one in Japan and among the top 10 paint companies internationally; and San Marco of Italy, one of the most creative decorative paint companies for special and marble effect paints in Europe,” he says.
The paints giant continues to expand its factories in the region as well as invest in research and development of new products, buoyed by demand and its goal of diversifying into new building materials to meet the requirements of the Middle East.
“The company constantly upgrades its products portfolio and ensures customers always get the best products possible,” Dr Ali points out.
Raghadan is currently eyeing new markets in the Middle East with a view to increasing its sales in the Arab world by introducing new products and finishes in the paint and building materials sector.
The company has successfully supplied to major projects in Saudi Arabia, and the rest of the Arab world for royal palaces, prestigious private villas, hotels and hospitals, and major projects for the public sector.
“Raghadan is always ready to serve clients anywhere in the Arab world with the best quality products, competitive prices and best service to meet their requirements of paints,” he concludes.