HYPERSEAL of the US is looking at expanding into the Middle East with a view to generating major sales across the region on the strength of its high-performance roof coatings.

“Our products are well-suited to the extremes of the Middle East climate, so we’re excited about the potential in the region,” says Ronald Savin, president.
The successful installation of more than 125,000 sq ft patented white reflective roof surface for the renovation of the Anaheim Hilton Hotel in the US supports its ambitious plans to further explore the Middle East markets. The material used in the hotel project has the capacity to deflect 85 per cent of the heat while at the same time reducing the surface temperature by as much as 50 degrees, the company says. 
The Hilton Hotel has invested more than $150,000 on the project completed last year. “That is $300,000 less than the conventional costs to repair the old leaky roof,” says Jerome Annaloro, director of property operations at the hotel.
He also says that if the reflective material cuts utility costs this summer the way expected, he will then recommend Hyperseal white roofs across the entire Hilton chain.
Now, Hyperseal hopes to strengthen its Middle East presence by joining forces with the Los Angeles-based KIS Associates, a tyre recycling and environment technology transfer specialist with extensive project experience in the region. KIS Associates helped showcase Hyperseal products in the Gulf market during the ‘Made in the USA Qatar 2009’ trade show held last October in Doha, Qatar.
KIA Associates president Khodr Saab says: “We believe there is an excellent opportunity to generate new business for the company and to capture a share of the growing market for high-performance coatings that are used extensively in the region.”
Hyperseal’s extremely durable and reflective products are described as a “revolution in coatings technology”, and have elicited major interest among various government agencies as well as consumers worldwide, the company says.
Comparing its products with competitive products on the market, Savin says: “Typical elastomeric paints use titanium dioxide to create a white surface that reflects the sun rays. Our products use titanium dioxide along with glass microspheres to not only create a greater reflective surface but also increase the hardness, making them durable and long lasting.”
Hyperseal coatings contain 50 per cent by volume of recycled rubber, increasing their insulating value while providing durability. These coatings also have a built-in premium due to waste tyre clean-up efforts worldwide, he says.
The company is committed to marketing its products in compliance with Leed (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) requirements. Leed encourages and accelerates global adoption of sustainable green building and development practices through the creation and implementation of universally-accepted tools and performance criteria.