Junttan’s new PM20 pile driving rig ... fitted with iPiler system to increase efficiency.

FINNISH piling equipment expert ace Junttan has launched a drive that aims at making pile driving not just smart but also intelligent. With iPiler, the company says it has introduced the next-generation method of controlling the whole piling process.

iPiler system consists of a control device to be attached to Junttan’s pile driving rig and a piling management software operated via the internet.
“iPiler offers versatile tools to control the information flow between the office and the job site – and further – increasing the chances to maximise profit and quality,” explains Tommi Lahteinen, product manager. “It also efficiently connects the piling process with Junttan’s new rig control system in order to achieve optimised rig performance and minimised resource consumption.”
“With iPiler, the efficiency of the piling process increases, because some of the piling preparations can be completed at the office and the driver receives clear instructions on the upcoming pile driving.
“The measuring system registers information on each pile, so the data can always be checked and analysed afterwards. The contractor can produce comprehensive reports, analyse constructing sites and optimise upcoming jobs through this system,” he adds.
Sophisticated control of piling, together with comprehensive training and service programmes not only lift the level of overall know-how in piling operations, but also make them safer and more cost-effective, he points out.
The leading manufacturer of pile driving technology will introduce several new high-tech solutions at bauma construction equipment exhibition in Germany next month, to further reinforce the awareness of pile driving being “the most efficient, cost-effective and environment-friendly method”.
Achieving the lowest environmental impact without any compromises on profitability has been the key focus of Junttan’s product development programme, which aims at building the foundation for the industry’s most competitive product family.
Junttan specialises in the design, manufacture, marketing and service of hydraulic piling equipment and is one of the few independent manufacturers in this class. Founded in 1976, Junttan invented the concept of fully hydraulic piling machines in 1979 and since then has been the leading company in its segment. Today, its piling equipment is used in more than 45 countries.
Product development is based on close cooperation with piling contractors around the world. It product range comprises the world’s leading pile driving rigs, pile drilling rigs and deep stabilisation rigs, as well as hydraulic impact hammers, hydraulic rotary heads and hydraulic power packs. Junttan’s product strategy is to combine performance with the ability to adapt to different piling systems and with a high concern for the protection of the environment.