SARH & Benaa Trading and Contracting Company (SBTCC) recently acquired the exclusive rights to sell Rigo’s products, which are based on Italian painting technology, in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.

Rigo is a specialist manufacturer of modern painting tools and has been working in the sector since 1944.

It has a wide range of products, one of which is the Goisa System. This system comprises a tank, which is pressurised manually or with a compressor (except for the Mini model), a silicone tube and a regulating valve to control the paint supply to the roller, a paint distributor with four dispatching tracks supplying the paint evenly on the roller and avoiding drips or splashes, a roller suitable for water-bases paints, and a telescopic extension bar that can be fitted to the roller.

“The Goisa system can be used for paint jobs without having to move around furniture or worry about protecting the ground with newspapers and plastic sheets from falling paint,” says Sarh & Benaa’s president and CEO Khaled Al Zunaid.

The Goisa system has proved popular in the GCC market with $3 million of these products supplied to distributors in the neighbouring countries, he adds.

Traditionally when painting with a roller, the painter must repeatedly dip the roller into the roller tray to apply the paint. This operation has many disadvantages, such as repetitive bending or holding the paint tray, mess, wastage of material, colour variation and contamination of the paint from particles transferred from the surface being painted, he explains.
The Goisa System offers a fast, efficient and clean solution for the painter using water-based paints. He no longer needs to load the roller repeatedly from the paint tray and can apply paint uniformly, saving material (30 per cent) and time (50 per cent), whilst also eliminating most of the splatters and spillages associated with a conventional roller.

Furthermore, the paint is in a hermetical tank avoiding contamination and allowing the paint to be kept from one day to another without having to clean the system if the job is not finished.

Another product, also from Rigo, is a high quality, lightweight spray system. This system uses the high-volume, low-pressure (HVLP) technique and through a turbine jet generates continuous air pressure to transfer paint particles from the spray gun to the target surface without it spreading into the air and, therefore, not harming the health of the applicator.

There is an even spread of the paint on the surface without the use of water particles and a homogeneous colour of the paint.

The Rigo turbine jet weighs 4.5 kg and can be used in various applications including wooden surfaces (such as doors and furniture), metal products (such as steel doors and railings), and automobiles as well as for painting the interior and exterior of buildings.

Al Khobar-based Sarh & Benaa Group, which was established in 2004, employs 48 people including technical and skilled designers who are backed by its research and development department. It has an annual turnover of $10 million.
The company started operations in 2007 when it secured contracts for a few local banks and other projects in the private sector.

The company manufactures decorative wooden doors and cabinets, aluminium doors and windows, decorative steel doors and fences and also has a powder coating plant. Over the last year, it has introduced many new products in these categories as well as fire-rated doors.

“Our powder coating plant is the first of its kind in Al Khobar and renowned for its quality,” says Al Zunaid.
It is also the sole distributor of Douglas products such as gypsum and cement boards, acoustic ceiling tiles, calcium silicate boards, metal ceiling and accessories; and Eckerle products from Germany.

The company’s factory is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery including woodworking and aluminium fabrication machines, electrostatic spray equipment and electric ovens for powder coating. All raw materials for its production come from Saudi Arabia, says Al Zunaid.

Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Qatar are among its main markets, with the export destinations absorbing some 40 per cent of the company’s products.

The company also deals in building materials trading, and has supplied construction materials, electrical components and gypsum boards to projects in the public and private sector.

According to Al Zunaid, business levels are looking up with the group’s production and turnover is increasing. SBTCC now has plans to expand both locally and abroad in the future, building on its reputation for good quality works and standards of products.

Some of the clients the company has worked with include the Arab National Bank, Royal Commission of Jubail, Aloula Company, Al Fushan Building Towers, Al Nahda Company and other contractors.

SBTCC was last year awarded the best exhibitor award at the Youth Business Forum for quality and value-added products and services, aesthetics at the stand and customer relationship.

The forum was sponsored by Prince Mohammed bin Fahd Al Saud and Prince Jalawi bin Abdul Aziz.