JOTUN Paints, one of the world’s leading producers and suppliers of paints and coatings, is launching a new range of exterior products that will help reduce interior temperatures.

The range, offering a cutting-edge technology, is currently at the testing stage and will be available in the market shortly, says Ashish Vasudev, marketing manager of Jotun UAE.

“With the growing awareness of sustainability, the market is looking at new innovative green concepts and products like the new range we will be launching shortly that will help cut down power bills,” he says.

“Regionally, the governments are talking about sustainability and local municipalities are working with companies like ours for solutions which are green. Soon the region will have practical laws in place and we are waiting for those laws to be implemented. Coming out of Norway, our headquarters, we have been following stringent rules and standards already in place in Europe.

“We will continue to launch more greener versions of our products because we believe in the concept and not because we have been asked to do so. For many years, we have been developing products that are more water-based and contain less of solvents and VOC (volatile organic compounds),” he says.

Jotun has recently expanded its ‘Lady’ portfolio with the launched of Jotun Lady Effects. The new premium special-effects range offers an enhanced finish and new interior effects and comprises four unique finishes – Lady Effects Pearl, Lady Effects Metallic, Lady Effects Glaze and Lady Effects Stucco Antica.

“Lady is our finest quality interior paint and we have expanded the brand to include different finishes, not just by applications, but product quality itself,” he adds. “The new range offers a lot of glitter to the wall and also enhances the texture, allowing customers to be more artistic in selecting the colours to complement their lifestyles and personalities.”

The company has also introduced Jotashield Experience – a new interactive website medium based on Augmented Reality 3D technology, which will allow Jotun Paints to increase brand awareness and understanding of its Jotashield range among industry specialists and professionals.

Commenting on business, Vasudev says: “Last year was a challenging one but this did not come as a surprise. In 2008 when recession hit the world, business had been great for us. 2009 was a record year for us as everybody was rushing to complete projects and handover. We think the next couple of years will be challenging as well. What we are witnessing is that confidence seems to returning and we hope to see more action in the market.

“The growing focus on delivery and completion of projects is effectively driving the market’s maturity, which entails a strong emphasis on high-quality products with excellent safety and eco-friendly properties. Our Lady Effects, Jotashield and Fenomastic range address these demands and more, making us an industry leader not only in terms of market share but more importantly in terms of product advancement,” he says.

“Also, today people do not spend on a product just because others are buying but are looking at the value and benefits it offers. It is good for us as we offer quality at a great price,” he adds.

Jotashield offers thermal insulation properties that result in superior heat deflection and reduced interior temperature and cooling costs, leading to substantial savings in electricity bills. The Fenomastic range includes Fenomastic Enamel, the first lead-free and non-yellowing enamel paint in the region and gives a tough yet smooth finish that lasts long, and has superior hiding and adhesion; and Fenomastic Gold, one of the acrylic options that boasts anti-fungal properties, anti flames-spread certification and crack tolerance up to one millimeter, he adds.

Some of Jotun’s ongoing projects include Meydan and Dubai Metro in the UAE, and King Abdullah Economic City in Saudi Arabia. In addition, it is involved with a number of infrastructure projects in the region.

Founded in 1926 in Norway, Jotun is one of the world’s leading paint manufacturers. The company established its presence in the Middle East in 1974 with Jotun UAE and ever since it has expanded dramatically throughout the region.

Jotun has been at the forefront in terms of developing products specifically suited to local conditions. Today, its diverse product range includes decorative, protective, marine, floor/concrete protection, powder coatings and intumescent coatings, providing the market with a single source solution for the paints and coatings requirements.