The 3D printer can print designs for ceilings and ceramics (below) ... impressive.

SUN Innovations, a leading technology company developing advanced nanotechnology for a variety of commercial applications, and Pro Technology, its global partner, distributor and master franchiser for the Middle East, have launched Sun Studio, the UAE’s first production studio offering the use of the world’s first 3D printer.

The new studio will offer printing services from the first-of-its-kind 3D Neo UV LED printer, which incorporates state-of-the-art Russian nanotechnology. The new facility is targeted at interior decorators, architects, painters and construction companies, among others, offering them comprehensive printing capabilities on any kind of material without requiring to purchase the printer itself.

Sun Studio is looking to achieve Dh25 million ($6.8 million) in revenues during the first year of its operations, confident of reaching around Dh300,000 to Dh400,000 ($81,680 to $108,900) in revenue per month initially and increasing to more than Dh1 million ($272,260) thereafter, according to Vladislav Mirchev, founder of Sun Innovations.

“This new form of printing technology can print directly on almost any material including ceramic, glass, wood, canvas, textiles, mirrors, ceilings, mobile phones, laptops as well as water surfaces,” says Mallika Sharma, operations manager, Pro Technology. “Another unique feature of the 3D printer is that it offers white colour prints.”

While the cost of the printer itself is exorbitant, with Sun Studio the unique applications of this printer are now made available to all. In addition, printing services that were originally limited to large companies and enterprises are now offered to a wider customer base, thus opening doors for those seeking printing solutions that are faster, more affordable and easier to use than other additive manufacturing technologies currently being offered in the market, says the company.

Elaborating on the printing process, Sharma says: “The printer’s unique embossed printing is a new form of additive manufacturing technology wherein a three-dimensional object is created by laying down successive layers of material via ultraviolet (UV) printing technology, making it highly suitable for interior decoration, signage and construction.”

“With organisations today more aware of the carbon footprint they leave in the environment and with most having strong corporate social responsibility (CSR) programmes, Sun Innovations aims to promote its printers by getting the message across that ‘Today’s wastage is tomorrow’s shortage’.”

The printer and a 3D print sample (below).

According to Sun Innovations, the Neo UV LED printer possesses key eco-friendly features such as easy mobility with its built-in wheels and also operates with very low power consumption, as confirmed by the first few businesses to have invested in the printer.

Another major feature that sets this printer apart is its use of environment-friendly UV-curable ink, which does not emit harmful odours and elements like traditional solvent ink does.

“The opening of this new studio signals the entry of 3D printing technology into the Middle East region, which will greatly benefit companies, organisations and individuals. After extensive market research on possible Sun Studio locations in the Middle East, we finally chose Dubai to be the first city to launch the Sun Studio in the region, as the emirate is an established regional hub for tourism, real estate and business,” says Mirchev.

“The Neo UV LED printer can be used in applications such as design visualisation, prototyping/CAD, metal casting, architecture, education, geospatial, healthcare, retail and entertainment facilities. We are confident that we will receive strong response from our key target customers as we look towards reaching our revenue target in our first year in Dubai,” he adds.

Pro Technology, which has initiated the launch of the first Sun Studio in Dubai, is currently looking into the potential of expanding into the other UAE emirates and neighbouring countries in the Middle East and North Africa (Mena) region.
The new Sun Studio manifests all the services that can be offered by this printer, backed by reasonably priced rates, local support and key value-added services.

PRO Technology indicates that new studio is also being packaged as a prototype for investors who are interested in setting up similar ventures across the region.

“Our collaboration with Sun Innovations is a true evolution of our relationship in the highly-competitive UAE market, where this printer is being offered as a key tool for those in the field of interior decoration, construction, signage and other design-related segments.

Officials at the opening ceremony of Sun Innovations’ studio.

This cutting-edge technology offered by Sun Innovations is the only printer doing 3D printing in the world and is perfect for numerous applications on different types of materials and in seven different colours,” says Jamal Maraqa, CEO and managing director, Pro Technology.

Currently, there are 13 studios offering such printing services in Russia, one in France as well as another one in Turkey.
“As Sun Innovations’ global partner and master franchiser, we have opened the first Sun Studio in Dubai. We are enthusiastic that the introduction of the Neo UV LED printing technology via this studio will allow us to reach out to a larger customer base and will be a boon for all those in search of effective and innovative printing solutions,” says Maraqa.

As dealer and distributor for Sun Innovations, Pro Technology has sold the 3D printers to a couple of companies including interior designers and contractors.

“We have been getting good response from the market. One of our customers, Emirates Décor, said they were able to recover the cost of the printer within two months,” adds Mallika.