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JOTUN Paints has relaunched its new and improved ‘Woodshield’ product range to further penetrate the region’s wood coating segment, which is currently valued at more than $126 million.

The latest line of stains and varnishes is a result of the company’s extensive research and development efforts to utilise the latest technology in creating an innovative wood coating product, with dynamic features of longevity, low odour and quick drying time.

“The company’s efforts to strategically position itself in the region’s wood coatings segment complements a recent report from leading research firm, AMRB, stating that the wood market in total volume for the Middle East is 31.5 million litres or around five per cent of the total paint market,” says Per Olav Ramstad, the company’s regional marketing director. “The figures also include other products like stains, varnishes and enamels for wood.”

Jotun is now looking to consolidate its market share with the introduction of ‘True Wood Protection’ as its new wood coating brand promise and to increase volume shares by at least two per cent, according to Ramstad.

The re-launched Woodshield range of products has been developed to deal with the challenges and issues of wood coatings and paints like long drying time, presence of very strong odours, and lack of options in finish. The range consists of products for both exterior and interior application.

“Woodshield Exterior is the first wood coating of its kind in the region to use advanced ultraviolet (UV) absorbers and Hindered Amine Light Stabilisers (HALS) technology providing twice the power of UV protection. This helps minimise colour fading and protects wood against cracking, peeling and erosion from sunlight.”

The new product also provides a protective barrier against harsh weather for longer lasting wood protection.

For interior application, Jotun provides Woodshield Interior, a modified urethane alkyd that creates a smooth and tough hydrophobic film that makes for easy cleaning of the wood surface. It has a uniquely formulated quick drying resin, which acts as a fast drying formula and leads to a convenient and quick drying solution – saving time, energy and manpower, he says.

Both Woodshield Interior and Exterior possess low-odour solvents and binders that give off fewer odours during and after application. The products also offer high water resistance and flexibility, while being free of heavy metals like lead, mercury, cadmium, chromium and arsenic.

“The new range provides users with several advantages as compared to other wood coating products that take hours, even days, before the painting is finally completed. Woodshield proves to be the perfect wood coating offering a quicker drying time, fewer odours and a longer coat life,” says Ramstad.

Woodshield is being offered in three colour ranges that have been developed to provide reliability and high aesthetic value. Golden Sand is meant to capture the golden tone of the forest and represents the richness of the woods; Forest Walk comes in natural red and green elements that inspire ways to beautify the timber grain; while Semi-opaque shades attract inspirations from season change and colours from spring to fall.

“Jotun’s new Woodshield range is the first of its kind in the Middle East and offers advantages and benefits like strong UV protection, high water resistance and strategic flexibility. “The re-launch of the range demonstrates Jotun’s long standing commitment towards providing its customers with products that offer reliability, long life and quality.

“This new range of wood coatings not only complements our strategic aim to reinforce our market share in the Middle East market but also demonstrates our efforts to provide our customers with a world-class range of products that not only speak of durability but also adds high aesthetic value,” says Ramstad.

Founded in 1926 in Norway, Jotun established its presence in the Middle East in 1974, with Jotun UAE. Since then, the leading paint manufacturer has expanded dramatically throughout the region and claims to be the first paint manufacturer to be awarded the ISO 9001 certification.

Jotun has consistently invested in state-of-the-art factories including the recently-opened plant in the Al Quoz area of Dubai, UAE, the biggest worldwide for the company.

The paints giant has been at the forefront in terms of developing products specifically suited to local conditions.

Three decades of experience in the Middle East has helped the company produce a variety of conventional and specialised coatings, each incorporating the latest technological developments while offering performance with economy catering to the various product segments and demands of the different markets.

Today, Jotun’s diverse product range includes decorative, protective, marine, floor/concrete protection, powder coatings and intumescent coatings, bearing a testament to the company’s reputation of being a single-source solution for clients, consultants and contractors alike.