Porcelain delight ... Future Ceramics’ Croma Mall collection

BARELY three years since its inception, Future Ceramics of Saudi Arabia is already planning to almost double its capacity from the current 40,000 sq m to 70,000 sq m of ceramic and porcelain tiles per day by adding new production lines.
This is in line with the company’s plan to eventually reach a target of 220,000 sq m per day.

Future Ceramics has a wide choice of both wall and floor tiles offered in a diverse range of sizes and in line with latest international trends, it has started producing digital porcelain products and technical polished porcelain, having recently introduced our rectified and Lappato porcelain on the market, according to a spokesman for the Dammam-based ceramics specialist.

“Digital production is a new trend that is becoming popular for both ceramics and porcelain, and Future Ceramics is pleased to be a trendsetter in the Saudi market with its new unique range of products,” he says.

The company launched production in 2009 at its factory that spreads over a 435,675 sq m area in the Second Industrial City of Dammam. It comprises two production lines — the first for ceramic tiles, and the second for porcelain tiles – equipped with the latest Italian technology. The modern, efficient and technologically-advanced factory is fitted with kilns, presses and spray dryers supplied by Sacmi, handling equipment procured from Tecnoferrari and inspection and sorting and packing equipment from Qualitron, Easy Line, and Falcon from System. System has also supplied Rotocolor decoration technology.

Porcelain delight ... Future Ceramics’ Croma Mall collection.

The delicate and important press decoration stage was assigned to technologies supplied by LB Officine Meccaniche.

The company produces tiles of various types and sizes. These include the single-fired ceramic tile range, covering sizes of 43 by 43 cm, 33 by 33 cm, 50 by 50 cm and 20 by 20 cm floor tiles; wall tiles, covering sizes of 20 by 20 cm, 20 by 43 cm and 33 by 50 cm; and porcelain tiles, in sizes of 30 by 30 cm, 30 by 60 cm, 45 by 45 cm, 45 by 90 cm, 60 by 60 cm, 22.5 by 90 cm, 20 by 60 cm and 15 by 90 cm.

Future Ceramics has both in-house and foreign teams engaged in designing and introducing new products, with quality accorded high priority in its production processes. “Quality and style with good value for money are the hallmarks of our products,” the spokesman says.

Future Ceramics initially started marketing its products through a network of major traders in the local market in Saudi Arabia. It soon started handling its own project sales specifications and prequalification for major governmental projects and some private projects. The company has now successfully handled several export sales to markets in Jordan, Lebanon, the GCC, Germany, Nigeria and Canada.