Princess Nora University ... a key project for Gresam.

GRESAM Company essentially plays a discreet role in most of the projects it is involved in the region. As the sound insulation expert on these projects, the Lebanon-headquartered company makes it its business to ensure that although its products are inconspicuous, they provide the acoustic performance that is pivotal for the success of their settings.

Its latest assignment sees the company serving as the acoustic consultant working with the main contractor on the Jabal Omar Development, a multi-billion-dollar project in the heart of Makkah which aims to house more than 100,000 pilgrims during the peak pilgrimage seasons. This follows a supply-and-apply contract entailing the installation of acoustic fabric panels for 16 music rooms and theatres at Princess Nora University, the largest women’s university in the world, as well as acoustic panels for the auditoria at the King Saud University, both in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Gresam provides effective acoustical insulation, structure-borne noise and vibration-dampening solutions, offering a complete line of soundproofing, noise control systems, as well as seismic isolators, restraints and systems. In addition, it also has a wide range of architectural and decorative acoustical products suited for various environments such as studios, cinemas, home theatres, auditoria, multi-purpose halls, schools, airports, leisure areas, swimming pools, restaurants, and many more.

Sound barriers at The Bay Tower in Beirut, Lebanon ... a Gresam project.

The company is certified to ISO 9001:2008 standards in architectural, mechanical, industrial and environmental engineering services in acoustics including supply and installation of sound absorption, noise and vibration control products and solutions. It also provides sound insulation testing and reverberation time testing and analysis, noise mapping and vibration measurement.

Gresam, which was serving the GCC from its Beirut headquarters since its inception in 1986, opened an office in Riyadh in 2009, in response to increased interest in its products and services in the region. The initiative has helped the company get closer to its customers and respond quickly to market demands, according to Krikor Nahabedian, the company’s managing director for Lebanon and Saudi Arabia.

In a bid to increase its market penetration in the entire region, the company exhibited at the recent Big 5 Saudi Arabia held in Jeddah, where it displayed its extensive range of products.

Nahabedian points out that its products meet today’s market demand for environment-friendly systems. “With the growth of awareness about controlling noise pollution, as well as of the need to use environment-friendly products, it is essential to be able to provide products that meet these demands,” he says.

Gresam offers a comprehensive portfolio of sound treatment and absorption products from various companies around the globe including Auralex of the US, which manufactures acoustic foam sound control products and accessories, and complete room treatment systems; Baswaphon of the US, which provides seamless acoustical plaster system, with the highest NRC (noise reduction coefficient) ratings in the industry, used to absorb excessive sound reverberation; Knauf Insulation of Austria, which produces Heradesign magnesite-bonded decorative wood wool acoustic systems for ceilings and walls; Belipa of France (Artphony perforated and slotted acoustic panels); Sempatap of France (thermal solid wall insulation); Texaa of France (wall and ceiling sound absorption materials and objects with aesthetic quality finishes); and Vogl acoustic ceiling systems from Germany.

This apart, Gresam provides a wide range of products that includes vibration isolators, mounts and seismic applications from VMC (US), AMC (Spain) and Getzner Werkstoffe (Austria); impact and vibration insulation using Damtec from Kraiburg Relastec (Germany); impact and vibration raised flooring from Granab (Sweden); and demountable and relocatable partitions from Intact 3000 (Belgium).

Nahabedian says the company is keen to enter new markets and is always on the look-out for the best products and opportunities to grow and expand.

Gresam Company operates with a staff of 10 to 15 professionals within the engineering, quality, administrative, purchasing, sales and marketing departments.