Hempadur 35900 ... suitable for storing and transporting liquids even at 90 deg C.

LEADING coatings manufacturer Hempel has launched a new range of intumescent coatings for fire protection of steel structures. These include two new intumescent coatings for passive protection of steel structures in cellulosic fires.

The launch means that Hempel now offers the complete range of protective coatings, including both fire protection and corrosion protection, comprising solutions for protecting buildings such as industrial halls, public buildings, stadiums, airports and supermarkets.

Lars Risum, business development manager for passive fire protection at Hempel, believes that the introduction of Hempel’s intumescent range will be extremely beneficial for customers.

“Previously, many customers have chosen Hempel primers and topcoats because they offer superior corrosion protection and application benefits, but they have then been forced to go to a second supplier for their intumescent coatings. Now they can get the full solution from us, which will make the specification and application process easier,” he says.

At present, Hempel’s intumescent range includes two one-component solvent-borne acrylic coatings: Hempacore One is specified for on-site applications while Hempacore One FD is for off-site applications and has a very fast drying time. Both coatings provide up to 120 minutes of fire protection in cellulosic fires and have shown very good performance in official fire tests, says Risum.

Hempel’s stand at World Eco Construct Abu Dhabi.

The two new products are just the first offerings in Hempel’s new intumescent range. The company has invested in intumescent development since 2009, and is dedicated to developing more intumescent products and expanding its offering to customers.

Risum comments that Hempel’s experience with protective coatings will give the range an edge over competitors.

“In recent weathering tests conducted by Hempel, Hempacore One outperformed other products on the market in terms of durability. Durability is often overlooked for intumescent products and systems, but we’re determined to focus on it, because greater durability means a longer service life and less maintenance. And more importantly, a durable intumescent coating system is much more likely to perform better in a fire – and this can help save lives,” he says.

Both Hempacore One and Hempacore One FD are approved to the European standard EN13381-8 and are already available in Denmark, Sweden, Italy, Spain, Portugal, the UK, Greece, Italy, Turkey, the Netherlands, and Belgium.

The Hempel Group is a leader in the production and sale of protective coatings within the marine, container, yacht, decorative and protective market segments. It has factories, sales offices, research and development centres, and stock points strategically located around the world.

The company has also launched recently a solvent-free tank interior coating with temperature resistance of up to 93 deg C.

Hempadur 35900, a two-component solvent-free high-build amine-cured phenolic epoxy, holds a Norsok approval and has already been approved by some of the world’s largest oil and gas companies.

“Existing coatings cannot handle the extreme temperatures of crude oil that is deep underground. However, with the Hempadur 35900, oil and gas companies can easily store and transport liquids that even reach 90 deg C,” says a spokesman for Hempel.

Moreover, this coating increases the long-term value of customers’ investments by extending product lifetimes, reducing maintenance and application costs, and the easy application process.

Being a low VOC (volatile organic compounds) coating, Hempadur 35900 is an environment-friendly product, he says. Other distinctive advantages of the coating include faster job completion, and time and cost saving due to the fewer number of coats required.

It can be applied at high film thickness; has excellent abrasion resistance; is easy to apply using standard spray equipment; offers enhanced corrosion protection: and has a glossy smooth coating surface, making it easy to clean.
“Hempadur 35900 stems from listening to what the market actually needs. Thereafter, it is a result of seven years of extensive research and development to achieve the temperature performance we think that the client expects of Hempel,” he adds.

Among other initiatives, Hempel has fortified its exclusive range of eco-friendly products in line with the company’s “Green Revolution” drive, which aims to reduce the impact of its operations on human health and the environment. The company showcased its award-winning products including the biocide-free Hempasil X3, the Topaz range and the energy-saving and highly durable Contex Thermoguard coating at World Eco Construct Abu Dhabi, held in April this year, where it received a “strong response”. These products covered its green initiative from three angles – safe and green formulation, low VOCs and no toxic ingredients.