Corimag of Italy, which has been manufacturing tools for hydraulic breakers for over 17 years, has now launched a new line of hi-tech tools.

''After many years of study and research and after a detailed analysis of the market Corimag has developed and launched a new range of tools with high-efficiency, suitable for a range of compact rock breakers,'' a company spokesman says.

He continues: ''The new tool is called called the X profile system, and it is distinguised by grooves along its shank.''

''This feature,'' according to the spokesman, ''offers several advantages. The grooves act as an outlet for dust to clear and this in turn boosts its efficiency.

''For instance, in conventional tools, dust can collect between the tool and the material to be crushed, acting as a pillow that absorbs the striking energy while obstructing the penetration of the tool.

''Furthermore, this pillow can cause overheating with consequent wear and tear of the tool. Thus, this drastic reduction of dust collection gives an increase in productivity and a longer life of the tool.

''Also, the grooved shape does not weaken the shank, but in fact keeps the cutting edge automatically sharpened.

''Finally, the new shape allows for well balanced wear between the centre and external side. This way the tool maintains its original shape for a long time and works with considerably higher efficiency,'' the spokesman adds.

Corimag tools include mail points, chisels, blunt tools, pyramids and asphalt cutters.