The Tool and Hoist and Portable Power Businesses of Ingersoll-Rand have launched the new MDT3 handheld air-powered hammer as part of an extended range of tools for use with the company's range of portable compressors.

''Based on the W series tools from Ingersoll-Rand, the hammer offers a combination of low weight and a high blow energy and is a powerful, versatile tool with the best power-to-weight ratio in its class,'' a spokesman says.

He continues: ''With an air consumption of 14 l/s (29 cfm), the hammer produces 1,725 blows per minute. The tool is just 435 mm long, weighs 6.7 kg and has a 76 mm (3") stroke. MDT hammers with 51 and 102 mm (2" and 4") strokes are also available.

''The hammer features an ergonomic D-shaped handle big enough for a gloved hand, constructed from tough, high-density die-cast aluminium. An outside trigger is combined with a unique ball-valve, tease-throttle design which provides excellent control, in both horizontal and vertical applications. The MDT3 is easy to service, only requiring the removal of four bolts from the strong back head section to gain access to the valve and piston. Other features include a one-piece retainer bushing to easily accept any type of steel accessory; an easy grip, adjustable exhaust deflector and a flapper valve which allows dirt to pass without affecting operation.

''Designed for medium demolition, refurbishment, concrete surface preparation, metal removal, bridge decking, tile removal and many other applications, the MDT3 is a powerful addition to any hire or contractor fleet.''

The new hammer is part of one of the most comprehensive selections of construction tools and matching accessories from Ingersoll-Rand, aimed at contractors and hire companies worldwide. ''It joins established products such as the 93 series of light demolition tools that have earned Ingersoll-Rand a time-proven reputation for reliability and performance,'' the spokesman says.

Complementing tools such as the MDT3 and 93 series hammers are the company's Promaxx pneumatic breakers, providing high productivity in road maintenance and utility applications. Also in this category are air-powered jack hammers, diggers and chipping hammers, which are described as versatile tools that respond to application needs.