FOLLOWING the successful launch of two innovative decorative products last year, Sigma Paints Middle East has added yet another product that ushers in the splendour of Europe to its impressive portfolio of decorative finishes.

The launch of Sigmulto Effino is in line with the paint specialist’s strategy aimed at continuously boosting its high-end decorative product range to offer its clients the most extensive trendy range in the market place.

Sigma last year introduced its Sigmulto Funoun and Sigmulto Etoile, which have earned high praise and have been a great success in the Saudi market, according to Antoine Lejuez, marketing manager Middle East of the Dammam-based company.

The new addition, Sigmulto Effino, is a high-quality, water-based decorative matte finish characterised by a special touch of Italian elegance, developed for interiors.

 “Indeed, its collection of velvety colours spread over eight groups resonates the wonderful Italian atmosphere, enhancing the ambiance of a home with soft shades reminiscent of Rome’s splendid plazas, fountains and artistic treasures,” says Lejuez. “The colourful Italian scenery ranging from Florence’s fascinating museums and rich sculptures to the fragrance of Venice’s coffee shops as well as its dreamy nights and whispering canals are all conveyed by Sigmulto Effino, transforming your home into a charming and vivid space.”

“The captivating colour groups within the Sigmulto Effino range vary between the elegant and dynamic orange, the stimulating and proud yellow, the serene and warm brown, the passionate and calm red, the scented and energetic green, the balanced and splendid purple, the exciting and inspiring blue, and the secret and luxurious grey.

 “Each group of colours consists of two patterns that help the client choose a colour that best suits his personality and artistic preferences, in addition to being consistent with the Sigma ‘Lifestyle’ concept,” he elaborates.

A third application is also possible, through mixing two existing colours or different colour shades from the same group to obtain special creative effects.

“Tests have revealed that blending one light colour with another dark one from the rich Sigmulto Effino colour group produces amazing results that have impressed lots of clients and won their satisfaction,” Lejuez points out.

Sigma offers products that are specially developed to suit both the local environment and local tastes, and has been creating lasting impressions in the Middle East in the decorative paints sector for the past three decades.

Sigmulto Etoile, launched early last year, is a water-based, environment-friendly interior product that has a silver glittery effect. The stylish product, which is inspired by modern French décor, is almost odourless and is easy to apply.

Sigmulto Funoun, meanwhile, draws its inspiration from the “legacy of Italian artists” and offers customers a choice of 42 different colours to suit their needs and taste. The product, which is targeted at the residential market, is a water-based pearlescent interior finish consisting of a coloured base coat and a special selected pearlescent powder to create the effect desired.

Sigmulto Funoun is available in six unique base coats – including Sunshine Brightness, Tender Red, Glamour of Brown, Dazzling Mystery, Ocean Tranquility and Pure Emeralds. After selecting a base coat colour, customers can create the desired effect by adding one of seven pearlescent powders offered such as silver, gold, Vert (green), violet, yellow, blue and rose. A total of 42 colours can be created combining each of the six base coats with seven pearlescent powders.

The paints and coatings specialist recently developed a colour and lifestyle concept that aims to cater to the discerning customer who has clear-cut demands on colour and paint effects and wants to keep pace with changing styles.