Middle East focus ... a Kale showroom in the region.

KALE’S new practical and aesthetic series Eternal aims at creating infinite time and space in bathrooms, by combining functionality and aesthetics in a simple modular design.

Brought to life with the holistic design concept, the series creates a sense of aesthetic continuity with modules that match each other.

While addressing the need for bathrooms to look elegant and be functional, Kale has produced the Eternal series which replaces the borders in bathrooms with modular systems that are compatible with each other and with the dimensions of the bathroom, says a spokesman for the Turkish ceramics major.

Eternal offers system solutions to architects with a rich product and material variety, producing practical solutions that make life easier.

With its simple and updated design, the series combines aesthetics with functionality. Its side bench cabinet that makes unused spaces such as corners and sides of walls functional, displays an extraordinary and comfortable design, thanks to its modular use.

Eternal also provides ample storage space with its large cabinet units, under-washbasin cabinet and bench modules with drawers.

The specially designed shower enclosure enhances the pleasure of having a shower through its wide expanse, while bringing a fresh look to the bathroom with its transparent glass.

“The Eternal series, offering products in different dimensions for large and small-sized bathrooms, brings fun to the bathroom experience with the Wellness Touchpad. The water closets and bidets that are easy to programme and use with the touch-matic digital screen control panel, offer a new bathroom experience,” says the spokesman.

The water temperature and pressure for the bidet nozzle and the toilet bowl can be adjusted with the touch-matic screen control panel while LED (light-emitting diode) illuminators placed under the closet furniture offer illumination in any colour.


New showrooms

Meanwhile, Kale Group is expanding its chain stores abroad with the aim of replicating the success it enjoys in the domestic market in the global arena where it attaches particular importance to European, Middle Eastern and Far Eastern markets.

Exporting its Çanakkale Seramik, Kalebodur, Kalekim and Kale brand products as well as its Italian Edilcuoghi and Edilgress brand products to more than 400 sales points in 100 countries so far, Kale Group aims to increase the number of its showrooms abroad to 23 by next year from the current 14.

These showrooms offer more than 3,000 innovative, environment-friendly and functional products to consumers and professionals.

The group has taken significant steps in global markets by being present in key cities.

“We have speeded up our efforts to open stores in various countries as part of our globalisation efforts,” says Ihsan Karagoz, chief marketing officer of building materials of the Kale Group.

“Our goal is to carry our market structure and operations in Turkey into export markets, starting first with the strategic ones. Although we have been selling to Europe on a large scale for many years now, the business cycles and growth opportunities have led us to focus more on the markets of the Middle East and Far East.”

“We are planning to open a showroom in Jeddah after Riyadh in Saudi Arabia and we want to show the importance we attribute to Iraq by opening new showrooms in addition to the ones in Baghdad and Irbil. Indeed, we want to increase the number of our showrooms in Iraq to 10 by the end of 2014. And in Libya, we will open a new showroom in Misrata after Tripoli. In Azerbaijan, where we have been active for more than 10 years, we are planning to open a second showroom in order to better penetrate in project markets.”

Furthermore, Kale has taken significant steps by offering the Edilcuoghi and Edilgress brands of the Italian Fincuoghi company that the group acquired in its new showrooms.

Karagoz says: “We would like to benefit from the Kale Italia facilities as a logistic support unit serving all surrounding markets in the mid and long term by adding the ‘Kale-Italia hub’ project to our operations in Italy.”

 Kale, part of the well-diversified Kale Group, manufactures sanitary ware and auxiliary products for modern bathrooms, bathroom and kitchen accessories, acrylic bathtubs and shower trays, and shower-bathtub cabins by bringing together quality, functionality and aesthetics at a competitive price. Its bathroom furniture creates bathrooms that reflect the latest trends of the design world. The Kale Group also combines its experience and expertise in modern kitchen concepts.

Kale Group is Europe’s third and the world’s 12 largest ceramics manufacturer. It is currently comprises 17 companies, and is regarded as one of the most important industrial enterprises of Turkey with over 5,000 employees, spanning over a geography across Canakkale to several locations in Turkey to Italy and Russia.