Reformatting the past

The H72 epitomises innovative creativity.

JUST when we thought we have seen it all and originality has regrettably lost its shine, the H72, Dubai-based Hues Hotel Management Company’s second property in the UAE, comes along like a breath of fresh air, epitomising innovative creativity.

The hotel, which opened recently, is housed in a residential building constructed more than 20 years ago.

The structure, which sits right on the edge of the picturesque Al Buhaira corniche in Sharjah, had lost its brilliance over the years, inevitably eroded by time, says a spokesperson for Draw Link Group, the hotel’s designer.

“The building has been given a second lease on life, a new identity that has completely changed not only its mundane characteristics but also its very use. Thus, out of what may seem like an impossible challenge is born – or should we say, reborn – the H72, Sharjah’s first exclusive five-star boutique hotel,” he adds.

The name of the hotel comes from the number of rooms available, hence H72, but the idea goes even further in that everything inside revolves around numbers, mathematics and equations, the spokesman indicates.

“From place names to design concept, everything in this five-star establishment is touched with logic and rationality, from the sleek outlines that permeate throughout the building to the recesses and outcrops that are judiciously placed, projecting perfect angular shadows and giving depth. Sudden flashes of clever and upbeat colours appear unexpectedly, giving surges of emotions, as if the building and its décor wanted to toy with our perceptions and send us on a unique and stirring journey,” the spokesperson says.



The pool is bathed in natural sunlight that comes through frosted windows.

The pool is bathed in natural sunlight that comes through frosted windows.

Walking into any of the suites at the H72, the first thing that strikes one is the simplicity and the straightforwardness of the contemporary lines. The design concept is clear: practicality and an open pragmatic scheme that is very pleasing to the eye.

With each floor consisting of various types of modular and flexible suites that can cater to anything from single guests to whole families, each room features top quality accessories and furnishings, with the measured use of stimulating and inspiring materials all the way from the floor to the ceiling.

Bright, warm and subtly placed lighting enhances the different surfaces and planes like a perfect equation, bringing an air of peace and repose into each area, making you feel pleasantly at home, the spokesman says.

He continues: “It is said that you not only enjoy a good meal with your palate but with all your senses as well. If this is true, then the restaurant situated on the second floor of the hotel is the perfect place to eat. With a main banqueting area that can seat up to 92 guests, but also with a private room for a more select dining experience, this modern and elegant eatery provides an all-day buffet with a wide selection of dishes and cooking stations.

“Insightfully lit not only by the elegant panelled ceiling but also by natural sunlight coming through the surrounding bay windows that open onto the panoramic views of the corniche, the warm and subtle-hued colours that emanate from the carpet, the walls and beautifully lit side panels create an ambiance that perfectly complements the food. With its clever mélange of different materials of marble, glass and wood blended with more modern synthetic ones, this trendy contemporary restaurant is a feast for the eyes.”

Business centre

The choice of materials used bring warm earthiness to the lobby.

The choice of materials used bring warm earthiness to the lobby.

Situated on the first floor is the hotel’s state-of-the-art business centre. With a capacity of 160 people, the four separate rooms are ingeniously designed to be modular and sectional in order to accommodate every possible business meeting requirement. Each room is located around a central atrium that serves the traditional coffee break necessities, giving it a convivial and social feel and making it ideal for informal business banter between the more official matters. “What makes this centre so pleasing, though, isn’t all the advanced high-tech equipment that support today’s business meeting needs – from in-built screens, projectors, sound systems and wi-fi connections – but the delightful bright yet subtle lighting that springs from the ceiling, diffusing an elegant and stimulating light throughout the foyer and the different rooms enhanced by the natural daylight energetically streaming through the bay windows,” says the spokesperson.



The H72, of course, has all the facilities that would be expected of five-star hotels for its guests to relax and re-energise themselves. Intended to be as soothing and galvanising to the mind as it is to the body, its pool, gym and spa are designed in the same vein as the rest of the hotel: contemporary minimalist lines with comforting and gentle colours accentuated by indirect and refined lighting, with sudden explosive bursts of refreshing colours that can appear from anywhere – whether it be a wall, ceiling or even a piece of furniture perfectly situated in its calculated position.

The pool is bathed with natural sunlight that comes through frosted windows and sports a wooden deck where guest can relax and get away from it all. With passionate tones of red that permeate throughout, the area has a distinctive select and refined finish to it.

The spa and gym have separate facilities for both men and women, allowing guests to unwind from a busy day in the spa with its treatment room and steam and sauna, or work off their stress and keep fit using state-of-the-art gym equipment. The hotel also has a beauty salon for guests.

“When you enter the H72, there can be no doubt that this is an upbeat, contemporary boutique hotel with a fondness for fashionable and smart designs that instinctively conveys that this is a five star establishment.

“The choice of materials used – from the polished stone walls, marble floors and wooden touches that bring warm earthiness to the lobby – heightened by the zesty spurts of energising colours beautifully enhanced by linear indirect lighting, entice you to go in further, knowing that inside will be full of surprises: and the H72 delivers. Around each corner, whether it be in the coffee shop, reception or the glass-encased gift shop, there is something new, something exciting and different to see. Interesting features such as benches suspended from the ceiling or back-lit wall mosaics will amaze even the most travelled guests,” the spokesperson concludes.