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Dornbracht ... mix and match choices.

Dornbracht makes bathroom a special place

Dornbracht, a German manufacturer of high-end fittings and fixtures for the kitchen and bathroom, has introduced a new range of specialised module systems that can be assembled for different product ranges. In addition, it has expanded on digital technology in the bathroom, creating a highly personalised and tailored experience for its users.

The company has catered to the quest for individuality in architecture and interior design, by allowing end-users to mix and match different designs, products and features according to their needs thanks to unified the design across all of its products.

“Products from different series can be combined with one another and used universally,” says a spokesperson for Dornbracht. “For example, the flow spout on the Deque series foot bath, the MEM fitting on the wash stand and the towel rack by Symetrics on the wall provide just one possibility among many for shaping the bathroom to suit personal needs. There are no limits to the combinations of function and design that can be achieved.”

“The focus on individual rituals and activities and the creation of a space to suit these needs, has been a focus for Dornbracht for a number of years.  At Dornbracht, this approach is referred to as ‘ritual architecture’,” he adds.

The same principle applies to the products’ functionality. Water temperature and flow can be precision-controlled with a single flick of the wrist; useful preset settings and complex choreographies can be activated at the press of a button. The language of design behind the controls is discreet as well.



Villeroy unveils exchangeable Apps

Joyce ... exchangeable App dishes.

Joyce ... exchangeable App dishes.

Leading ceramics specialist Villeroy & Boch has responded to the trend towards individuality and personalisation by creating the bathroom series: Joyce, “the bathroom with Apps”.

The German company has now extended the range by launching two new popular colours: Curaçao, a strong petrol tone, and Florida, a radiant fuchsia.

Joyce gives consumers the flexibility to adapt their bathrooms around everyday requirements and needs depending upon their moods. “The innovative concept utilises interchangeable and functional accessories with which the bathroom can be adapted as desired,” says a spokesman for the company.

Joyce offers variety and individuality in the form of App vases, App bowls and ceramic valve covers in various colours. The decorative Joyce Apps can be beautifully integrated in washbasins and also keep it tidy.

He continues: “The exchangeable App dishes, App vases and sets of soap dishes means that the washbasin can be instantly transformed according to the mood and occasion. All the Apps are provided with a soft, magnetic pad underneath that gives them a secure hold on various surfaces and ensures they can be securely placed on the washbasin. The washbasins can also be fitted with a magnet so that the Apps sit firmly without scratching the ceramic.”



Bradley’s Halo has your face covered

Halo eye and face wash.

Halo eye and face wash.

Bradley, the US-based manufacturer of commercial plumbing fixtures and washroom accessories, recently launched in the region its ground-breaking Halo eye and face wash which is said to cover 85 per cent of the user’s face.

Halo provides users with the most effective emergency relief available in the industry, according to Jon Dommisse, director of global marketing and strategic development, Bradley Corporation.

Showcased at the 14th Airport Show in Dubai, UAE, last month (May 11 to 13), the product provides more than 20 per cent better protection than any other eye and face wash on the market, he says.  “With more coverage and a superior wash pattern, users attain the greatest contaminant relief and protection available,” he adds.

In addition to superior wash down capability, Halo incorporates an exclusive self-draining feature, which eliminates standing water in the unit between uses and testing. The innovative self-draining Aquaduct design reduces the risk of bacterial growth when the unit is not in use. The integral strainer inside the Aquaduct further reduces debris in the water for additional eye protection and also prevents clogging. The strainer is easy to remove and clean during routine testing, Dommisse says.