Tailor made

From the 2014 collection.

MAAN Aljasser and Company of Saudi Arabia has carved a niche for itself in the home furniture market with its brand Creative Closets, which introduced the concept of custom-made smart closets to the region.

Launched in 1998, the company’s customised closet quickly gained popularity in Saudi Arabia and by 2013 its market was valued at more than SR120 million ($32 million).

Today, the company is witnessing demand that is growing at the rate of more than 25 per cent annually, according to Maan Aljasser, chairman of the company, which makes home storage and organisational furniture including closets, wardrobes, TV cabinets and bookcases.

What differentiates the company from other home furniture suppliers is the way it designs and produces its products. “Rather than offering a standard closet or storage item, Creative Closets offers a custom-made smart closet,” says Aljasser.

The basic idea behind launching Creative Closets was to design a specific closet for a specific user in a specific location.

“The result is a storage system that is not only better suited for the user but also far more space efficient. Add to that the wide range of material and accessories and you end up with a dream closet,” Aljasser emphasises.

Tailor made solutions ... to suit any shape or size required.

Tailor made solutions ... to suit any shape or size required.

He continues: “The concept is revolutionising the way the affluent elite store and organise their personal belongings. Here’s a storage product that optimises your storage space and helps you organise your personal belongings elegantly in an easy-to-find way.”

Since its humble beginnings 16 years ago in Riyadh, Creative Closets has spread throughout the region to more than 16 locations in the UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, Lebanon, Egypt and more recently in Qatar. The success behind the company lies in its ability to optimise space usage in the home through devising a unique solution for each location.

“Imagine a closet in your bedroom in any shape and size you want: wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling, or perhaps L-shaped with sliding doors, or even a walk-in closet, if you have the space. The exterior of the closet can be produced in an infinite number of configurations in terms of wood colour, finish, and type and design of doors.”

Aljasser points out that the interior is the functional part of the closet. “Based on your specific storage needs and on the available space in your room, a trained designer produces a preliminary closet design which the client would then review and make any specific revision before it is sent for production,” he says.

The designs are highly personalised. For example, a lady’s closet can be designed to accommodate the desired number of shoes and hand-bags, while a child’s closet can be fitted with two or three hanger bars on top of each other to make use of the full height of the hanger-bar storage area.

The closet can be complemented with a number of organisational items and accessories that further improve its usability and functionality. These include soft-closing doors and drawers, belt- and tie-racks, jewellery drawers, internal lighting, and leather pouches for storing anything from socks to children’s toys.

 “It is noteworthy that Maan Aljasser and Company is the only company that offers unconditional money-back guarantee to its customers in case they are not fully satisfied! This is unheard of in the world of customised furniture,” Aljasser concludes.