The Hydro Magnet 2000 ... for easy separation of metals at the scrapyard.

Atlas Copco has recently boosted its offering of hydraulic attachments with the latest Hydro Magnet, a range of profitable tools for recycling plants, scrapyards and the demolition industry.

Hydro Magnets enable valuable iron and steel to be separated quickly and easily from concrete waste for subsequent recycling.

“Collecting ferrous material remaining in the demolition bulk using Hydro Magnets not only means more profit, it also reduces the risk of damage to crushers, conveyor belts, and other equipment. The high risk of tyre damage for trucks from rebar remaining on driveways on job sites is also substantially reduced by collecting them with Hydro Magnets,” says a spokesman for Atlas Copco Construction Tools.

Simply installed on the existing grapple or shear installation, the magnet requires no extra generator or electro cable on the carrier. It is available in two versions; as a fixed magnet (F), or a mobile magnet with chain link (M). The load capacities range from 280 up to 7,500 kg.

Hydraulic power in the Hydro Magnet provides automatic flow and pressure control by means of a sophisticated flow divider. A high activating voltage rapidly achieves the magnetic power to attract a large amount of ferrous material and hold it firmly in place. A shock alternation of the polarity accelerates demagnetisation, resulting in fast material drop and a magnet plate free from even small pieces of steel.”

The optimised weight/performance ratio and intelligent interaction between all integrated components in the attachment offers optimal handling performance, resulting is a faster collection and loading process, he says.

The electronically-controlled generator is made of corrosion-free alloy and has a digital control device in a waterproofed body, giving a magnetisation and demagnetisation process cycle that is up to 25 per cent shorter than conventional magnet controllers, according to the spokesman. This, in turn, means lower fuel consumption. The digital control device also protects the Hydro Magnet against the risk of damage caused by short circuiting, overheating or excessively high or low revolutions of the generator.

The spokesman says all key components of the magnet are integrated into a compact design. A hermetically-sealed steel case protects the magnet coil against mechanical impact and humidity, and an external Hardox steel ring protects against wear, enabling the magnet plate to handle rough environments. The large steel surface compensates for temperature increases.

A multi-functional diagnostic panel in a waterproofed body indicates current working status and potential faults for trouble-shooting. No special maintenance is needed, apart from periodic control of the bolt connections and electro cable connection between the generator body and the magnet plate.

Atlas Copco Construction Tools is a division within the Construction Technique business area of Atlas Copco group, which was founded in 1873 in Stockholm, Sweden. It develops, manufactures and markets hydraulic, pneumatic, and petrol-driven equipment for demolition, recycling, compaction, rock drilling and concrete applications. The division is headquartered in Essen, Germany, and has production units in Europe, Africa and Asia.