Colour me beautiful

Bright raspberry from Urban Stride.

Dammam-based Sigma Paints has launched a palette of colours to create trendy interiors to suit every mood

Intriguing names such as Mystery Night, City Pulse, Lucid Dreams and Living Well figure among the colour trends that Saudi-based paints major Sigma Paints has launched for this year.

Sigma has traditionally focused on creating colour and lifestyle concepts that aim to cater to the discerning customer who aspires to create the right ambiance to suit his taste using colour and textures and keep pace with changing styles.

The initiative has stemmed for the leading paint manufacturer’s desire to fill the gap in the market between customer demands and solutions offered and provide its clients not just a variety of colours but also inspirational ideas and suitable combinations for maximum impact.

“Our customers love to have trendy interiors,” says Antoine Lejuez, marketing manager of Sigma Middle East. “Every year, our clients wait eagerly to get an insight from us into the latest trends for the year.”

“They love the posts we have on our social media channels regarding the trends and they are keen to share them with their friends,” he adds.

Colours can have a dramatic influence on moods, feelings and emotions and the shades used in a home or office can also impact the well-being of those living in that space. Bearing this in mind and the fact that a home or any interior space can be revitalised by simply adding a few trendy colours, Sigma Paints forecasts interior design trends and a matching colour palette every year.

A shade from the Lifestyle Journey

A shade from the Lifestyle Journey

According to Sigma, light hues create a mood of tranquillity and calm, bright and intense colours represent mysticism and personality, and dark colours provide warmth and security.

Its colour trends brochure for this year features four palettes: Mystery Night, City Pulse, Lucid Dreams and Living Well.

Sigma Paints has also launched a new colour tool inspired by everyday moments.

“The brochure has all the latest worldwide colour trends specified for the local market,” says Lejuez.  “It is a tool for our dealers to satisfy the needs of families visiting our shops.”

With a focus on dark colours, Mystery Night draws its inspiration from a cocoon and a need to provide protection and security. Dark colours create mystery and magical effect and can be used with light colours in a modern interior setting to infuse subtle beauty in the room.

This palette calls for the use of colours such as brilliant rose, shady coral, brilliant sea, light peach, superior peach, brilliant sky, fade steel, brilliant lagoon, white salmon and misty salmon.

The second palette City Pulse, which features 10 colours, stems from the desire to be energetic, colourful and bold and brings the greenery indoors. This palette of colours includes brilliant emerald, smooth aquamarine, brilliant hibiscus, bright lemon, brilliant saffron, bright ochre and
light amethyst.

Commenting on the third trend, Lejuez says Lucid Dreams calls occupants to “indulge in a subtle world of fresh and burgeoning colours and experience lucid dreams day and night by adding a touch of warm elegance to your private space”.

This colour palette helps create sophisticated, imaginative as well as relaxing settings, he adds.

The bright salmon shade from Sweet Break.

The bright salmon shade from Sweet Break.

The hues of this palette include misty cherry, misty ruby, fade grape, smooth grape, light cherry, white aquamarine, misty lagoon, white coffee and fade honey.

Finally, the Living Well selection is defined by daring and inspiring colours that make occupants of the room feel well and help them live in ultimate comfort, Lejuez says.

This colour palette includes superior curry, superior saffron, fade saffron, white cinnamon, light blossom, brilliant blueberry, brilliant aquamarine, smooth blueberry, smooth honey and bright honey.

Sigma Paints has also launched the Lifestyle Journey Collection brochure that explores the following colour moods:

• Morning Coffee: This palette, designed to create an active and energetic environment, is inspired by different shades of coffee;

• Savoury Taste:  The hues of this palette, selected to create a mellow and rich setting, are inspired by foods such as honey, lemon, peach and curry;

• Sweet Break: This palette draws its inspiration from exotic flavours like saffron and dates and aims to produce a relaxing ambiance; and

• Urban Stride: Taking its motivation from urban living, this palette features shades like bright lime, brilliant mint, misty emerald, bright raspberry and white rose.

Sigma Paints is a leading manufacturer of high quality paints and coatings offering a comprehensive range of architectural coatings (interior paints, exterior paints, textures, wood finishes and floor coatings) as well as protective coatings (petrochemical, infrastructure, offshore and power markets) marine coatings and can coatings. Part of PPG Industries, Sigma Paints Middle East was established in 1981 with its head office in Dammam and production facilities in the First and Second Industrial Cities of Dammam in addition to facilities in Egypt.  It also has offices in Riyadh and Jeddah in Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Qatar, Yemen, Kuwait and Egypt.