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The L-Cube range ... trendy.

Individuality and comfort are key focus areas that have inspired  Duravit’s new collections

German bathrooms specialist Duravit has drawn inspiration from the current demands for comfort and greater individuality when developing its products that are being launched this year.

“The focus on individuality and comfort makes it possible to address the need for originality and self-realisation, as well as sensuality and practicality,” says a spokesperson for Duravit. “That was the idea behind this year’s new products. It has resulted in innovative products that offer added value that you can feel, while at the same time satisfying the very highest standards in technology, quality and design. We have also introduced two new materials that combine performance with aesthetics.”


ME by Starck ... minimalist design.

ME by Starck ... minimalist design.

ME by Starck

ME by Starck puts the spotlight on individuality. “Minimalist design is the art of focusing on the essentials and the ability to lend a sensuous essence to elementary items while placing the individual and their sense of style at the focal point,” says the spokesman.

Duravit tasked Philippe Starck to rise to the challenge, and with his new ME by Starck range, the French creative has succeeded in conceptualising a collection that satisfies the desire for pure aesthetics while being in harmony with all style worlds, thus offering the greatest possible range of individual design possibilities.

The range offers six versatile washbasin solutions from 450 mm to 650 mm for private and public areas. A slender rim, which is also found on the toilets and urinals, serves as the recurring design element. The delicate edge gives the washbasins a light, almost rimless appearance, while their inner basins are conveniently deep. The vanity basin, from 830 mm to 1030 mm, boasts distinctive lines and is especially flat with generous storage surfaces, while the console basin can be combined with a vanity unit or various consoles. The washbasins with pedestal or siphon cover have a pure, minimalist design and balanced sense of proportions.

In addition to concentrating on the design, Starck and Duravit also focused on modern technology: new developments have made it possible to reduce the weight of the toilets and bidets in the range, resulting in attractive, sleek, self-contained components without attachment niches at the sides. The open design of the flushing rim resulting from the rimless technology offers additional convenience, as does the connection with another new item, the SensoWash Slim shower-toilet seat, which features precision hinges that are very easy to remove. This means the ceramics can be thoroughly cleaned with ease.

The clear, focused design of this range is also evident in the ME urinal. With its characteristically delicate rim, the urinal is an elegant yet practical addition to private and public bathrooms alike.

ME is the first Duravit range in which the urinal also boasts the innovative rimless technology. The open design of the flushing rim ensures a dynamic and powerful flow of water that rinses the entire inner surface of the urinal, while also allowing for a fast and hygienic cleaning of the ceramics.

The range also features bathtubs, shower trays and accessories designed by Starck. Combining perfectly with the new L-Cube furniture range, ME by Starck lends the modern bathroom a clear aesthetic look and individuality.


Cape Cod wash basin and SensoWash toilet seat (right).

Cape Cod wash basin.

A touch of nature

Meanwhile, with his new Cape Cod bathroom range, Starck has reinvented the bathroom, removing the barriers between nature and the indoors.

Cape Cod, which is located in New England on the east coast of the US, is a region of sandy beaches that stretch for miles, crystal-clear water and untamed nature – and it was the inspiration for Starck.

With the new range, nature becomes a permanent part of the bathroom, a place for rejuvenation and refreshment with aesthetically appealing materials and forms. It features ceramic wash bowls with distinctively thin edges, a perfectly coordinated range of bathtubs, and bathroom furniture that can be combined on an individual basis and positioned as desired within the room.

“Cape Cod is captivating not only on account of its unique design, but first and foremost because of its authentic materials, solid real wood and an innovative ceramic formula that allows for especially thin and delicate wash bowls,” the spokesman points out. “With their gently curved forms, these form the foundation of the Cape Cod range. The exclusive basins are produced from a specially developed high-strength ceramic mass with an elegant finish (DuraCeram). This material makes it possible to create countertop basins with a rim thickness of only 5 mm that are extremely easy to care for, amazingly robust and impact-resistant. In order to allow scope for individual bathroom design, the wash bowls are available in three different shapes: round, square and tri-oval.”

The consoles with shelves boast a timelessly modern design and meet the highest demands, making clever use of the contrast between the floor-standing frame in cool, smooth chrome and four exclusive wood finishes: Vintage Oak, American Walnut, European Oak and White Beech.

The Vintage Oak version appeals, thanks to its solid quality and distinctive look, featuring a visible irregular edge that makes each item of furniture unique.

“It is reminiscent of a ship’s plank that has been weathered by storms and washed ashore on the beach,” he remarks.

Starck satisfies the desire for pure aesthetics.

Starck satisfies the desire for pure aesthetics.

An elegant alternative to the wood finishes is offered by the version in high-gloss white, which is also available with doors and shelves on the side. The minimalist rectangular mirror (1,106 by 766 mm) can be combined with LED (light-emitting diodes) illumination to create a harmoniously coordinated washing area.

Cape Cod also offers practical bathtubs that have been designed with relaxation in mind: a gently shaped headrest provides a bathing experience that is particularly serene and produces a feeling of lightness. The tub has been designed as a monolith and produced from the new material DuraSolid A, which offers a pleasantly warm ‘feel’ and high-quality matt appearance. It is available as a free-standing model and as a back-to-wall and corner version for left or right.

As a special extra, the bathtub can be equipped with a discreetly integrated air whirl system and/or an integrated sound system that is operated using any Bluetooth-compatible device.

In order to create a uniform and harmonious look, the programme can be combined with selected toilets and bidets from the Starck One, Starck Two and ME by Starck ranges.