Green products

Kitchen mixer from the Ceraplan III range.

Ideal Standard says its award-winning Ceraplan III brassware range of fittings is the perfect fit for countries and communities that are moving towards sustainability.

To coincide with the World Environment Day last month (June 5), the leading European provider of innovative bathroom solutions put the spotlight on “green” products, including Ceraplan III, that are gaining ground thanks to their eco-friendly attributes and innovation.

Ceraplan III brassware offers the most sustainable and eco-friendly bathroom solutions along with comfort and practicality, according to a company spokesman.

Designed for visual appeal and flawless practicality, the Ceraplan III range includes a basin, bidet, shower, bath and shower and kitchen mixers and comes with flow rate regulators and click technology.

“Ideal Standard is committed to the cause of sustainability and the Ceraplan III brassware range has redefined eco-friendly bathroom solutions with its perfect combination of design and energy-efficiency,” says Dimitra Dotsia, marketing manager of Ideal Standard Gulf.

“The range has been designed to offer optimum control of water from both an environmental and cost control point of view. The World Environment Day is a great occasion to educate and inform all stakeholders about Ideal Standard’s commitment to the cause.

“Water is the most valuable resource on Earth and innovations such as Ceraplan III offer some of the most sustainable technologies such as the flow restrictor to cut down on water consumption,” she adds.

The Ceraplan III click technology helps save up to 50 per cent of water. Opening the mixer to the point where one feels slight resistance releases six litres of water per minute without any loss in the flow as the water is mixed with air – as opposed to 11 to 15 litres per minute when the mixer is fully open, depending on pressure, Dotsia points out.

The basin mixer and basin mixer Grande have versions with integrated regulators, which provide a flow rate of a maximum five litres per minute, irrespective of water pressure.  

The Ceraplan III range has also won a number of prestigious design awards across the globe such as the IF Design Award.

For over 40 years, Ideal Standard has been at the forefront of environment-friendly innovation and sustainability, and the company has also been awarded for its contribution and world-class expertise on water efficiency and energy conservation. The company is committed to providing water- and energy-saving solutions, ensuring high quality performance of all its products with regards to their impact on the Earth’s resources.