Fire and light

DUBAI’S latest contemporary Mexican upscale casual restaurant draws inspiration from its name “Fuego” which means fire.

The concept of the glow of fire has been used as an inspiration within the space of the restaurant that opened its doors last year in Dubai’s Souk Al Bahar, opposite the world’s largest mall Dubai Mall and the world’s tallest building Burj Khalifa.

Established by Dubai-based brothers Arjun Kumar and Adarsh Kumar, Fuego offers guests a taste of authentic and traditional Mexican cuisine in a stylish environment.

The 80-seat restaurant’s interiors, designed by Idea Spice Design, are dominated by natural elements such as wood and stone inspired by modern Mexican architecture to provide a feast of colours, textures and patterns.

The designers have created an integrated brand which included the name, branding, the interior design and detailing, according to Adarsh, owner of Fuego.

“Our brief to the designers was to create a unique Mexican dining experience in an upscale environment which would also serve beverages. We wanted a concept which could grow into a chain in the future,” said Kumar.



Design concept ... modern and contemporary.

Design concept ... modern and contemporary.

Commenting on the design concept, Adarsh says: “The idea was to strike a fine balance of a fusion concept that is modern and contemporary and allows the user to be at ease in the dining experience. The aim was to have a lounge experience where you could completely unwind.

The glow of light throughout the space and the use of the logo form are the main design features.

“The interesting shapes from the logo itself have been used to enhance the brand experience.

“The end wall with the logo patterns that become a light feature creates a glow within the space. The main bar also has a glow which permeates the entire space and creates a relaxed environment,” says Adarsh.

The colour scheme for the outlet is dark wood, purple and gold hues.



All the wood elements in Fuego, such as the tables, panelling, slats and the bar bottom counter, are made using the finest quality American Walnut.

“Walnut is considered one of the more expensive types of wood used which creates an ambiance of luxury and elegance with its rich chocolate brown look,” Adarsh explains.

Fuego ... a unique Mexican dining experience.

Fuego ... a unique Mexican dining experience.

Other wood species used includes beech wood for the barstools and chairs.

“We selected beech wood as it is durable, versatile and cost effective. Due to its light colour, beech wood can be stained to match any other natural wood colour,” he says.

“The structures of the barstools and chairs have been stained to walnut to match the rich walnut surroundings. The beech wood used in our restaurant has its origins from Romania.

“The fabrics used in Fuego are again a mix. We have used vinyl for the barstools, which is easy to clean and maintain, and velvet-polyester mix, which creates lushness for the dining chairs. All the fabrics purchased were from the renowned international fabric supplier Warwick Australia – the first Australian-owned company to receive the Queen’s Award for export achievement,” Adarsh adds.


About Idea Spice Design

Established 12 years ago, Idea Spice Design is a global design consultancy that creates and manages brands.

“We create the perfect blend of strategic thinking (idea) and creative solutions (spice),” says a spokesman for the consultancy.

Idea Spice Design  specialises in designing concepts for home-grown brands and has created more than 1,000 brands around
the world.

It also creates interior solutions for commercial interiors – from restaurants  to offices to retail outlets  – and has its own fabrication unit called Spiceworks.

Idea Spice Design recently conceptualised, designed and fitted out Pantry cafe in Jumeirah, Dubai.

Currently, the firm is involved in creating many new franchise ready food and beverage (F&B) projects, besides branding and rebranding businesses in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Africa and India.