Soilmec, a leading name in the global ground engineering industry, is promoting its new SM-22 and SM-4 drilling rigs for micropiles.

The new SM-22 is an evolution of the historic PSM-1350 and SM-20 models that overall have sold more than 300 units worldwide, and has been completely redesigned to ensure high efficiency and productivity levels on site together with the highest safety standards, says a spokesman for the Italian construction equipment manufacturer.

The new SM-22 drilling rig can be easily configured in different single rotary fittings, double rotary, tophammer and vibro-rotary to carry out consolidation, micropiles and anchors with different drilling technologies – direct circulation, reverse circulation, DTH (down the hole), CFA (continuous flight auger), and jet grouting. Different types of masts with both cylinder and gearbox push-pull systems are available with stroke length ranging from 4,400 mm to 10,200 mm.

The rig is powered by a diesel unit that allows to satisfy the standards specified in all the markets (both Tier 3 and Tier 4f are available), while ensuring a low environmental impact due to reduced noise, consumption and emissions. It has been designed to ensure the operator’s safety with new full radio control that guarantees high performances at the jobsite. 

“Flexibility, reliability and safety characterise the SM-22 and make it a multifunctional and versatile rig. It is suitable for applications such as micropiles, anchors, soil tests, and single cycle jet grouting up to 24 m,” he says.

Meanwhile, the SM-4 drilling machine has been designed to perform sectional flight auger technology and features a separate power pack and the same movements of its larger sister, the SM-5. 

A separate power pack mounted on crawlers, to allow independent tracking around the site, has 20- to 50-m-long hydraulic hoses between the power pack and the rig. This enables the rig to work, for example, inside a building or basement while the power pack remains outside.

“The powerful, low emissions, 115 kW Tier 4i diesel engine is easily accessible through openable panels for easy maintenance. The modern and innovative radio remote control system for drilling, positioning and tracking allows safe manoeuvre and excellent visibility to the operator for both the rig unit and the power pack,” explains the spokesman.

Compliant to the new Euro Legislation EN16228 standard, the double-hinged safety guard and slow rotation system has a double interlock system. This enables easy removal of the front panels when working close to a wall, using the already interlocked side panels for access to the auger string for loading and unloading sections.

This multi-purpose rig can also be configured for other drilling applications with a large range of options such as top hammer, various rotaries, water pumps and clamps and breaker assemblies.