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Nordic Living ... Fenomastic Cashmere.

The world inspires Jotun as it reveals a fresh palette of colours to enliven your rooms in 2017.

For its latest collection of interior finishes, Jotun has drawn inspiration from different countries, cultures, the natural environment and styles across the world.

The new palette of Jotun’s Global 2017 Wall Trends focuses on accenting homes while providing a well-travelled and worldly feel in three different and inspirational styles: Nordic Living, Continental Living and Urban Living. It reflects different elements of an individual’s lifestyle – travel, food, music and much more.

“We are all inspired by different things. We travel, physically or online, and discover new places. The food we eat, the books we read and the music we listen to come from all corners of the world,” says Lisbeth Larsen, Jotun’s global colour and creative director. “With our new colour card, we wish to reflect this curiosity in people’s homes, and we have come up with three themes that capture these tendencies in time.”

Mirroring these elements of an individual’s lifestyle, the themes derived capture tendencies in time and highlight three distinct regions and styles for home décor. The aesthetics of Northern Europe with cross-cultural references, travel memories that live forever and delightful urban surroundings define the themes and bring the global feel back to 2017 homes, says Larsen. 

Continental theme ... the warm palette includes Fenomastic Heat.

Continental theme ... the warm palette includes Fenomastic Heat.

Jotun’s new colour collection aspires to create homes instilled with vibrant energies and soothing restfulness.

An invigorating new display of these hues is characterised by spicy nuances of deep reds, browns and mustard. The elegant pinks continue to take centrestage, complemented with warm diverse greens and neutrals. The perennial favourites are retained in the Nordic realm with lighter greys and skytint blues and finished with gold tints.  

“We are all individuals and have personal tastes. To us at Jotun, it’s all about feeling safe and comfortable in your own home, and being brave enough to create a personal style inspired by the global landscape.

“The kitchen can have a Nordic touch, the bedroom can be decorated in an Oriental style, while the living room can have a hint of 1980s Italian Memphis design. Through colours you can create different spheres, which adds excitement to the surroundings. If you don’t like it, a simple fresh stroke of a brush using Jotun’s Fenomastic interior paint will help resolve the issue,” says Larsen.

The themed wall trends include: 

Nordic Living: The theme features a beautiful, timeless and pared down palette of soft blue hues blended with sandy shades thereby recreating nature’s relaxing and serene atmosphere.

Dijon Yellow ... Continental Living.

Continental theme ... the warm palette includes Fenomastic Heat.

Renowned for its simplicity, Nordic Living is all about calming minds and stimulating sensory elements. A place where tradition meets modernity, a few simple accents, handmade pottery and wooden furniture will help add a touch of sophistication making homes slow breathing spaces in the busy everyday lives. Jotun Arctic Grey, Jotun Cashmere, Jotun Washed Linen and the new Jotun Band Stone are some of the main colours in the Nordic palette. 

• Continental Living: With Continental Living, you can now cherish every travel experience by including your prized travel possessions in your home or office decor while blending them with wall colours and textures that would preserve and only further beautify each travel moment and relationship. The hues include elegantly rich reds, purples and mustards including wall textures to further embrace your holiday even after several years. The warm palette contains burnt reds, such as Jotun Heat and Jotun Kilim, delicate Jotun Dusty Purple, and the brownish yellow hues of Jotun Dijon Yellow and Jotun Olive Brown.

Urban Living: Taking inspiration for homes from technologically and design advanced hotspots such as Tokyo, San Francisco and several other big cities, Urban Living is for the creative homeowner who enjoys beautiful aesthetics that are welcoming, modern, playful and chic. The beautiful pinks, Jotun Delightful Pink and Jotun Khajal, are brand new additions from Jotun. The same goes for the delicate Jotun Pale Green and Jotun Evergreen, along with Jotun Dusty Red and Jotun Velvet Grey. Mixed with sculptural design objects and green plants, the result is both sophisticated and organic.

Stemming from Jotun’s most beautiful paint, Fenomastic My Home in combination with the unique Lady Design special-effect wall paint, the 2017 Wall Trends breathe life and character into spaces.

From the Fenomastic My Home range, Fenomastic My Home Rich Matt is superior quality paint with a beautiful matt finish that makes colours appear rich while offering the best colour accuracy. The paint ensures homeowners can achieve the exact look they desire. Fenomastic My Home Smooth Silk is another creation within Fenomastic My Home which offers super quality emulsion with a smooth silky finish, improved colour experience and accuracy in colours. 

All colours and textures featured as part of Jotun’s Wall Trends are available across all its stores across the region.