Jotun Pale Linden ... under the Lush Garden theme.

For those interested in colour, interior design or global lifestyle trends, leading global paints manufacturer Jotun has revealed its ‘Rhythm of Life’ — a themed collection of 36 new colours that will define homes around the globe.

Jotun’s colour specialists have tapped into design trends in global cities; poured through research reports from their global network; looked at the ways in which lifestyles are changing with the modern world, and have collated the 36 colours into three themes each focused on a different mood and mode of modern living.

“Our research identified three trends that are common to inhabitants of every global city: Our longing for the restorative power of nature; our dream of a calmer, slower-paced way of life in the sun; and our desire to make the most of our increasingly compact urban living spaces in minimalist but creative ways,” says Rana Khadra, colour and creative manager at Jotun Middle East, India and Africa (MEIA).

“We’ve designed our colour card as a tool to help people express these impulses in their homes – mixing and matching the colours in a way that best reflects their own identity,” he adds.

Meant for “out-and-proud hipsters”, the ‘City Motions’ colour group reflects the creative culture of the modern metropolis, whereby design-conscious urbanites strip back the unnecessary to transform compact living spaces with cool, clean lines and, considered, understated elegance. The key colours here are deep blues, marble greys and woody browns.

Jotun Blushing Peach ... a shade of Silent Serenity.

Jotun Blushing Peach ... a shade of Silent Serenity.

For the 21st-century hippies, the shades of ‘Silent Serenity’ are inspired by the travels of the global nomad and mindful, multicultural lifestyles that prize natural light and the freedom of the open air. Soothing creams, desert brown and muted peaches are key colours.

For nature lovers, the ‘Lush Garden’ palette is a response to the yearning for nature that often accompanies urban living; the allure of tropical forest retreats, and the meditative appeal of the botanical garden. This theme comprises blue-greens, golden yellow and red browns as key colours.

In addition to providing interiors inspiration, Rhythm of Life is also a practical colour matching tool, allowing users to easily identify complementary shades within a single colour family, or create harmonious colour variations in the same interior space, says Khadra.

“Whatever kind of life you lead, however you define yourself, the colours presented in Rhythm of Life provide a mix-and-match palette to suit your personality. And, when your style or circumstances alter, you can take advantage of the remarkable power of colours to transform the atmosphere of a room, and change your shade as you like.”

All colours and textures featured as part of Jotun’s 2018 colour trends are available at all the Jotun stores across the region.

Founded in 1926 in Norway, Jotun established its presence in the Middle East in 1974, with Jotun UAE. Since then, it has expanded dramatically throughout the region and says it is the first paint manufacturer to be awarded the ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certification. The company has state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in the UAE (Abu Dhabi and Dubai), Saudi Arabia, Oman and Egypt.

Jotun has been at the forefront in terms of developing products specifically suited to local conditions. Its diverse product range includes decorative, protective, marine, floor/concrete protection, powder coatings and intumescent coatings.