News in brief

Brady mats contain spills

Brady Corporation of the US says new ToughSorb semi-permanent adhesive mats are a great solution to contain spills and prevent them from spreading over the work floor before they can cause accidents and create liabilities.

Uncontained or unabsorbed spills can quickly cause slips and falls on the production unit work floor, says a company spokesman. “To reduce the risk of slipping and falling, ToughSorb can easily be laid out as a walkway that can absorb up to 25 per cent more liquids than competing products because it is made out of needle-punched polypropylene,” he says.

ToughSorb helps companies comply with the European Union Water Framework Directive 2000/60/EC regarding coastal, ground and surface water. Because its can absorb spills, it can prevent the contamination of ground water supplies or surface water.

The mats can also help comply with ISO 14001 appendix 1, A.4.7, about emergency preparedness and response.

ToughSorb can be used in high traffic areas, aisles and walkways, in production areas and on workbenches and everywhere traditional rugs would be used, for example, to line exits and entrances. And while absorbing drips, spills and leaks, ToughSorb’s deep, blue colour can also turn frequently used areas into more aesthetically-pleasing surfaces.


Lighting inspired by romantic Venice

The latest collection of light fittings by Italamp is inspired by the Italian city of Venice. The feeling of abandon and indulgence, which has belonged to this city, are interpreted in the collection by the product designer Simone Bretti of THDP, says a spokesman for the Italian company.

Love, in its more romantic and passionate form – like the one of famous Venetian lover Giacomo Casanova – is the pervading theme of the collection. In fact, the light fittings take their names from Casanova mistresses, says the spokesman.

Caterina is a wall lamp with a double glass diffuser, featuring a metal frame in brushed bronze finish and a LED light; while Valentina is a hanging lamp with a red glass diffuser, with a metal frame in brushed bronze finish, and a LED light.

Through the use of innovative techniques and materials, THDP and Bretti have been able to convey the essence of Italamp, which stands out in the market, thanks to its original approach that combines traditional craftsmanship with contemporary forms, he adds.


Schneider Electric introduces new wiring devices

Schneider Electric, a global specialist in energy management and automation, has launched Unica, a comprehensive, international wiring device range that comes in a variety of designs and finishes.

The range adapts to user preferences and offers a wide choice of flush-mounting boxes, terminals, multi-standard sockets, outlets and more, featuring more than 150 electrical and electronic functions, and a range of colours and materials, says the company.

The Unica launch takes place at a strategic time, given that the region’s hospitality, infrastructure and general real estate markets are expected to witness further year-on-year growth.

Speaking at the launch, Mazen Zein, the general manager for Bahrain at Schneider Electric, says: “The high-end Unica modular range combines aesthetics with functionality and enhances the quality of living spaces and commercial units, enabling our clients to be as creative as they are with the decoration and design of their offices, hotels and homes.”

“The innovative Unica also functions as a wireless system and offers KNX technology, making it the ultimate in comprehensive home wiring devices,” states Zein.

Unica comes in a range of three trendy cover frames: Unica Class, which is a minimalist design based on authentic natural materials; Unica Top, the high-end of the Unica modular range, which is available in an aluminium or graphite finish; and Unica Plus, a versatile range for high-end buildings, which is designed for British, European and American installation standards.

The Unica wiring device range is now available across the GCC through Schneider Electric’s network of channel partners and distributors, he added.