The Idealrain Evo Jet ... a unique user showering experience.

Ideal Standard, a leading provider of innovative bathroom solutions operating across Europe, Middle East and Africa, is expanding its Idealrain showering collection with the launch of two new high-performance ranges.

Idealrain Evo and Evo Jet combine advanced technology and eye-catching design, offering a unique user showering experience. The extended Idealrain line ensures the ability to tailor-make showers to suit individual preferences, with a range of new spray modes. The ergonomic and intuitive Navigo push button allows switching between different spray modes from relaxing rain to invigorating massage.

In addition to the existing rain and massage modes, the Evo model also features an aerated rain spray mode, which sucks in and mixes air with the water to produce a gentle, yet cleansing experience.  Drop Jet, Ideal Standard’s proprietary spray functionality, is available exclusively on the Evo Jet and delivers a unique soft droplet-like experience.

The Idealrain collection, engineered in Germany, provides efficiency, with no loss of experience for users. All handsprays feature an in-built eight-litre-per-minute flow regulator that reduces water consumption in high pressure systems to just eight litres per minute without impacting user experience, while the precision-designed flow engine delivers optimal spray performance.

The products are quick and easy to clean, thanks to rub-clean nozzles, and are resistant to scratches and limescale build-up. Idealrain’s large handsprays ensure maximum comfort, with nozzles right to the edge of the sprayplate to maximise downpour, while Cool Body technology means the exterior stays cool to avoid the risk of scalding.

Senior product manager  at Ideal Standard Mena Kostas Kandarakis says: “The launch of Idealrain Evo and Evo Jet hails a new era of design and performance in the Ideal Standard showering offer. The advancements in both functionality and design that Evo and Evo Jet deliver translate in stylish, high-quality products which are guaranteed to perform on any type of facility.”