Claris evolution’s sophisticated LED technology ensures high levels of visual comfort.

Bumtobel of Austria has written a fresh chapter in the success story of its Claris range by presenting the slimline louvre luminaire in its most modern form ever.

The third generation of this renowned line of luminaires has been reduced to the essentials, enabling the new Claris evolution to blend perfectly into any office environment thanks to its linear and geometric design. And while the original proportions were retained, the actual dimensions of the luminaire have been carefully trimmed down to achieve an uncompromising design that is more modern and more minimalist, according to a company spokesman.

“However, the expressive appearance of the Claris evolution is not just about the slim, one-piece aluminium housing. The recessed light chambers complement the overall design and give the fitting an unmistakably striking visual structure,” he says.

The new slimline louvre luminaire ... modern and minimalist.

The new slimline louvre luminaire ... modern and minimalist.

Like its predecessors, the Claris evolution has a restrained look that enables the pendant luminaire to integrate harmoniously into any interior design. Outstanding versatility is supported by a range of colour finishes, as this modern interpretation of an iconic louvre luminaire can be specified in black, white, bronze and silver. Factor in the choice of a black, white or silver light chamber (each of which is offered in matt or glass) and clients can select the right luminaire from a list offering 24 different colour variants, the spokesman points out.

“The combination of sophisticated LED technology and MPO+ (micro-pyramidal optic) microprismatic structure ensures high levels of visual comfort. The ratio between direct and indirect output is optimised to simultaneously generate a pleasant spatial atmosphere and deliver ergonomic working light – and to fulfil both these functions with a significant increase in efficiency. Indeed, Claris evolution boasts a fantastic efficiency of 151 lumens per watt,” he continues.

Existing Claris lighting solutions can be easily upgraded using an adapter. Only the luminaire has to be replaced, as the suspension cables and electrical connections can still be used.

“The option to wirelessly control Claris evolution via BasicDIM wireless offers yet more lighting comfort. This compact control module from the Tridonic sister brand, which can be easily integrated into existing luminaires, automatically establishes a mesh communication network via Bluetooth. This enables uncomplicated wireless communication with up to 127 luminaires,” the spokesman explains.

With its outstanding future-oriented technology, wide range of colour combinations and clear minimalist design, Claris evolution is the perfect lighting tool to enhance any office environment, the spokesman concludes.