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Grohe unveils new bathroom ceramics

Cube Ceramic ... clean lines.

Cube Ceramic ... clean lines.

Withits Cube Ceramic, Euro Ceramic and Bau Ceramic lines, Grohe now offers a comprehensive assortment of bathroom ceramics to suit every style and perfectly match its faucets, toilet flush plates and accessories.

With its angularly shaped and minimalist design, the Cube Ceramic line transforms every bathroom into an urban place of relaxation, says a company spokesman. The washbasins, toilets and bidets with clean lines and right angles match the geometric faucets of the Eurocube, Linear, Allure and Allure Brilliant lines, the Skate Cosmopolitan toilet flush plates and the Selection Cube accessories. The washbasins are available as extra-wide models and chic wash bowls. In addition, the line offers a hand basin with a shallower depth. The toilets are available in either wall-mounted or floor-standing styles.

Euro Ceramic, with its flowing lines, suits all bathroom sizes and meets every style preference. The Eurosmart and Eurostyle as well as Eurosmart Cosmopolitan and Eurostyle Cosmopolitan series’ faucets, toilet flush plates and the essentials accessories go well with this line. An advantage, especially for small bathrooms, is that the compact Euro Ceramic toilet uses space efficiently.

The Bau Ceramic, meanwhile, with its slim style blends harmoniously into any bathroom ambiance. The ceramics can be perfectly combined with Bau faucets, Nova Cosmopolitan toilet flush plates and Bau Cosmopolitan accessories.

All three ceramics lines come with rimless flushing technology. 


New finishes for Rubinetterie Treemme taps

The RAN collection ... minimal look and made of brass.

The RAN collection ... minimal look and made of brass.

Rubinetterie Treemme of Italy, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, has expanded the range of colour finishes for its collections of taps for bathrooms and kitchens. The lines are now available in matt black and white, oxidised, brushed nickel, gold, burnished and matt burnished, and the brand new yellow gold, rose gold and gunmetal grey PVD (physical vapour deposition) versions.

According to a spokesman for the company, every finish is capable of turning a tap from a functional item into something to admire.

“For example, in addition to classic chrome, brushed nickel, and matt black and white options, the RAN collection – which is one of Rubinetterie Treemme’s most versatile lines – is now also available with new matt burnished and gold finishes,” he says.

Refined, simple and elegant, the style of this collection designed by Marco Pisati stems from perfectly balanced design and functionality. RAN is made of brass and its minimal look catches the eye, thanks to a cylindrical body and a very slender top that conceals the aerator from view.


Carbon Collection is non-conformist

Black Rain ... evoking shafts of harsh winter rain.

Black Rain ... evoking shafts of harsh winter rain.

Okha's Carbon Collection challenges preconceptions of structure, beauty and imagined realities. It comprises six components for interiors: Black Rain, High Voltage, Law and Disorder, Mondo, Rock Sculpture, and Omega.

“These designs revel in asymmetry and a non-conformist provocation where form is unpredictable, non-uniform and beauty a multi-lingual dialogue between mind and heart,” says Tara Meeran of the South Africa-based company.

The elegant Mondo coffee table’s seemingly discordant composition of vertical and horizontal wafer-thin steel profiles fuse together to create two perfectly concentric and symmetrical squares. The vertical supports are diametrically opposed only visually revealing one pair of supports at a time. 

Rock Sculptures are pure sculptural works, which evoke fossilised crystal formations reminiscent of the structural order and disorder embedded in nature.

Similarly, with the Law and Disorder lamps, the three stainless steel legs and drum-shaped shade – when viewed from above  – form a balanced and harmonious encircled triangle.

Another light fitting, High Voltage replicates the form of a pylon, its perforated lamp shade texturing and filtering light. Powder-coated steel bars run diagonally to form supportive beams.

Possibly the most profound work in the collection is Black Rain, comprising multifaceted recessed and extended shafts of mirror replicating sculpted and shifting tectonic plates and evoking shafts of harsh winter rain.

The sixth element in the collection, the Omega V console has a solid timber frame and stepped solid brass legs which pay homage to the architectural inspiration of Art Deco.