Pianist console ... representing the artist’s hands.

Insidherland, a Portuguese brand of luxury furniture and lighting set up by architect Joana Santos Barbosa, has unveiled the Pianist console and Niemeyer armchair – exclusive pieces made by the hands of master artisans.

The Pianist console is inspired by Paul Klee’s drawing, and doesn’t represent the piano but the hands of the artist – a vehicle of technique and emotion. The bronzed brass blades design a fragment of the pianist fingers that, on a white marble keyboard, release a melody hidden within the musical notes.

“weiland Pianist, 1940, belongs to a series of 24 drawings created by Klee in which the Swiss painter portrays the souls of musicians who, having lost their instruments, continue to play music using their own bodies. In Pianist, the black keys of the keyboard are shown as part of the body, leaving the white keys on invisibility,” says a company spokesman.

Meanwhile, the Niemeyer armchair, one of InsidherLand’s best sellers, has recently received a remake that evokes the sophistication of natural materials. Charming and delicate, the refined new edition combines the beauty of wool, emphasising the modernist lines of the piece, and the sturdiness of the natural oak, bringing to mind a sense of nature and wonder.

Niemeyer is named after the Brazilian Architect Oscar Niemeyer. The rounded lines of the armchair are influenced by the remarkable ‘Casa das Canoas’ designed by Niemeyer in 1951.