Officials of Etihad Esco and Sharaf Electronics at the agreement signing.

Etihad Energy Services Company (Etihad Esco) has signed up UAE-based Sharaf Electronics to implement a lighting retrofit project at three terminals of the Dubai International Airport.

As per the deal, the company will replace more than 15,000 outdoor and indoor lights with the latest energy-saving LED lights, resulting in about Dh5 million ($1.36 million) in savings every year, for the next seven years for the airport. In addition, the project supports Dubai Airport’s vision of environmental sustainability, says Etihad Esco.

Etihad Esco is a Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (Dewa) venture that was established in 2013 to make the emirate’s built environment a leading example of energy efficiency.

As an accredited energy services company (Esco) with the Regulatory & Supervisory Bureau (RSB) for electricity and water in Dubai, Sharaf Electronics is tasked to complete the project within a year and a half.

Etihad Esco CEO Ali Al Jassim, says: “To begin with, putting together the project in place was a challenge, as not only had the lights to meet Dubai Airport’s highest quality standards but also must guarantee long-term high energy savings.”

With over 8,500 outdoor lights, including high mast lighting and 7,000 indoor lights, and latest lighting technologies from Europole and Sylvania, Dubai Airport is a front runner in energy-efficient lighting in the world.

“Sharaf Electronics team worked with several vendors to meet the exacting standards to our satisfaction. We wish them success in executing the project. The project will turn Dubai Airport into a leading model of energy efficiency in the emirate,” notes Al Jassim.

Sharaf Electronics CEO Nilesh Khalkho comments: “It is a prestigious project for us and the start of a new journey. As a local group, we are committed to giving something back to the society and energy is one of the areas where we would like to contribute.”

“In this journey forward, we will be retrofitting the leading Dubai International Airport. Hopefully, we will continue to execute many more projects for Etihad Esco,” he adds.