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The Edge ... minimalist aesthetic.

Ideal Standard’s versatile Edge saves on installation time

IDEAL Standard has launched its latest precision-engineered mixer collection, Edge, which combines minimalist aesthetic with manufacturing excellence and embodies style and strength in equal measure.

The contemporary mixer collection has clean, geometric lines, inspired by a return to simplicity in modern design and an emphasis on quality material. The understated chrome finish shifts the focus from design to function, which results in a purposeful, hard-working design with an appearance that underscores its performance.

Edge can blend seamlessly into any design environment with an effortless elegance, and offers a versatile solution for every bathroom area with varying heights and features for the basins, bath and showers.

“What sets Edge apart from other modern collections is its focus on manufacturing excellence,” says a company spokesman. “In the manufacturing process, each and every element of the collection is tested to the limit, to ensure the casting is strong and durable.”

To reduce installation time and costs, Edge features EasyFix method, which can save up to 30 per cent on installation time, he adds.

Winner of German Design Award 2019, the mixer dramatically reduces water consumption and ensure significant cost savings over time in any environment without compromising on user experience.

For commercial spaces which are submitted to high frequency use, Edge mixers are equipped with Ideal Standard’s latest ceramic disc cartridge FirmaFlow – which is claimed to be robust and resistant to an unprecedented degree within the industry.


TIE Fighter Wings armchair.

TIE Fighter Wings armchair.

Kenneth Cobonpue brings home Star Wars nostalgia

KENNETH Cobonpue, in collaboration with the American conglomerate Walt Disney Company, launched its new Star Wars collection at the Salone del Mobile Milan furniture fair held in Italy in April.

The design team, led by creative director Kenneth Cobonpue, has produced furniture pieces – comprising three arm chairs, an end table and a stool – as well as a lamp inspired by iconic characters and elements in the epic Hollywood franchise.

Inspired by the unforgettable symbol of the Imperial fleet is the Imperial TIE Fighter Wings easy armchair and end table. The armchair features handwoven polyethylene, which captures the agility and strength of the iconic Starfighter; while the end table has the wing of the TIE Fighter for its table top, and front window for its base.

The Sidious easy armchair embodies the Star Wars character Darth Sidious. Its backrest is raised higher to resemble a hood, and its legs’ edges are slightly curved forward.

Featuring a foldable swivel table and an open weave canopy, the Vader easy armchair mixes business and pleasure as an office and a personal nook in one.

In the Little Jedi hanging and floor lamps, meanwhile, the miniature figurines are Jedi Knights holding light sabres, which are the lamp’s light source.

In the Chewie rocking stool, the microfibre strips are coloured brown and wrapped with a fabric belt to emulate Chewbacca and his bandolier.


Vimar exudes essence of material in Eikon Exé

VIMAR, a home automation and electrical equipment company, uses natural, prized materials for its Eikon Exé range of switches, selected specifically to express an unmistakable textured effect that defines the identity and personality of every environment.

“Featuring stylish details 100 per cent made in Italy, Eikon Exé is pure essence. Its squared corners and striking silhouettes give rise to a series that blends in seamlessly with any environment,” says a company spokesman.

It also exudes the essence of material resulting from a meticulous selection process, he adds. The seven different materials are available in 27 different finishes, including glass, leather, mirrors, wood, total look metals, polished metals, and marbled stoneware.

Eikon Exé also lends itself to countless stylistic interpretations. Its cover plates with special materials and special-colour controls allow customisation. To add value to the identity of accommodation facilities, the cover plates can feature a specific logo provided by the customer, while the buttons and controls can be stylishly laser-engraved with icons and pictograms.