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Profumo rugs from Mohebban’s Editions collection.

Profumo brings nature underfoot

The Profumo rug collection from Mohebban’s Editions collection combines vibrant shades in bamboo silk and soft wool, using age-old artisan crafting, to create images and patterns inspired by plant life.

According to Mohebban’s spokesman, the elements from nature – leaves, flowers, pistils and blooms - appear to form gravitational waves, shapes, complex patterns and a sequence of traits reminiscent of a bird’s eye view of grass meadows wafting in the wind.

“The multiplication of the elements is a complex circuit created with a harmonious weave, an endless interaction of full and empty components; this is an entity where style and elegance belong to something contemporary and is not defined solely by the present,” he says.

Originating in India, the composition of the hand-knotted carpets is 50 per cent wool, 40 per cent bamboo silk, and 10 per cent cotton. They come in standard sizes of 240 by 170, 250 by 200, 300 by 200, 300 by 250, 360 by 270, and 400 by 300 cm, and a pile height of 0.7 cm.

“However, the rugs can be made-to-measure specifically for residential or contract purposes, personalising dimensions and colours,” the spokesman says.

Mohebban’s Editions is entrusted to external designers, highlighting the company’s ability to produce contemporary solutions.  



Na Pali chair from the Memory Collection ... robust and handmade.

Na Pali chair from the Memory Collection ... robust and handmade.

Na Pali echoes Hawaii’s fortress coast

The robust handmade Na Pali chair from Insidherland’s Beyond Memory Collection portrays in detail the mystique of the dramatic backdrop of verdant valleys, striated walls and sharp ridges of its namesake coastal area in Hawaii’s Kauai island.

The image of this fortress coast is captured by wooden sides extending as cliffs from the bottom to the top and the front feet get the form of the numerous sculpted needles across the landscape, says a spokesman for the Portuguese firm.

Spectacular, imposing and lush, Na Pali, which means “the cliffs”, is a breathtaking landscape of giant cliffs that stand as huge sharp needles that plunge into the Pacific Ocean between mystical sea caves and scalloped beaches.

“Na Pali is a piece that challenges the viewer to discover its sharp cuts reproduced by the handcrafted upholstery work. The comfort of the armchair is deeply connected with the features of striated mountains and furrows dug by dizzying tropical waterfalls,” the spokesman says.



Tube ... innovative lighting system.

Tube ... innovative lighting system.

Piped lighting via the Tube

Vibia, in partnership with Japanese designer Ichiro Iwasaki, has created an innovative lighting system that comprises a network of tubes that brings the light from a specific single point to different shades that can be positioned as required.

Called Tube, the system offers a unique landscape of shades and light conduits, a grid that references the urban realm that combines aesthetics and optimum functionally. Light is guided by the precise design and, at the same time, provides interior designers and architects with unlimited freedom to generate different configurations.

“The name of the collection derives from the system of tubes but also from the lines and intersections generated that recall the typical way that underground or subway maps are illustrated,” says Iwasaki.

Tube draws attention to the installation itself, making evident that which is normally hidden, incorporated as if it were a compositional feature – but, above all, capable of bringing the light to four separate points from a single switch.

The urban spirit of Tube is underlined by the colour options for the aluminium shades including three different tones of grey: light, medium and graphite as well as off-white.

The shades are made in four different dimensions that can be combined if required, from 22 to 53 cm, matching the colours with one another, assembled at different heights and distances apart.

The hanging option can be complemented with a ceiling version, or other combinations, adapted to the requirements of each architectural space in alternating point and ambient lighting.