Escher connection

Challenging piece ... the Mobius Strip II

Andreas von Zadora-Gerlof, the American Faberge and world’s foremost gemstone artist, has recently moved to Dubai and plans to open a Zadora atelier in the city during Winter 2019.

The artist intends to launch limited edition MC Escher sculptures in the UAE shortly.

Von Zadora-Gerlof continues in his mission to create dramatic monumental size artworks and installations around the forms imagined by the art genius MC Escher, his artistic hero. The new works are planned to expand and enhance upon the original 10 creations from his first series which he began to sculpt some six years ago.

Von Zadora-Gerlof ... set to open a Zadora atelier in Dubai.

Von Zadora-Gerlof ... set to open a Zadora atelier in Dubai.

Escher is famous for his mind-bending mathematical drawings and woodcuts from the 1930s that show people climbing up staircases on ceilings and other optical illusions.

After years of developing a relationship with the Escher Institute in the Netherlands, Von Zadora-Gerlof and his team spent years turning 10  of Escher’s – arguably – most impressive woodcuts into large-scale sculptures wrought of principally stainless steel, aluminium and titanium.

In von Zadora-Gerlof words: “Surprisingly, MC Escher has a very deep and important connection with the Middle East region as most of the designs created during the later years of his career were indeed inspired by the Islamic arts. Therefore, I’m extremely honoured to be bringing his incredible works into life here in Dubai, as a conduit to artists and patrons alike who I am convinced will appreciate the beauty of his work once exposed to the wonderful diverse artistic language.”

Von Zadora-Gerlof mentions the most challenging piece he has created so far is the 4.5-m-tall sculpture of Mobius Strip II, which is based on the woodcut from 1963 of the mathematical symbol for infinity with nine red ants marching around it.

Fish & Scales by Von Zadora-Gerlof

Fish & Scales by Von Zadora-Gerlof

Commenting about his exclusive rights to work with Escher, Von Zadora-Gerlof says: “I am honoured to be working with the creative team of Escher. MC Escher is a genius and was way ahead of his time. His legacy of art design still continues today to be ahead of the curve. I am bringing a 3D element to his works and, I believe, the UAE and the Middle Eastern marketplace is a perfect destination to display and honour these wonderful and thought-provoking artworks.”

Speaking about his expansion in the Dubai market, von Zadora-Gerlof says: “This city is truly an incredible place to be an artist and go about the exercise of expressing yourself. I have found the city has a surprisingly robust community of talented people and an ever-growing art collector/clientele base with real interest in luxury and aesthetic creations, which supports and allows for the aforementioned artistic community. With that in mind, it’s an exciting time for Zadora to venture in this fast-growing market.”

As an addition to his partnership with MC Escher, the Zadora brand also creates bespoke jewellery from earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and brooches to custom-made housewares, figurines as well as timepieces ranging from extravagant and bejewelled watches to monumental scale clock installations.