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Cala ... stackable and eco-sustainable.

Cala aimed at the office of the future

Diemmebi, an Italian furniture and accessories manufacturer, is this month launching Cala, a stackable, functional, eco-sustainable and high-tech chair with transparent seat and backrest.

The product marks the beginning of collaboration with designer Martin Ballendat, an award-winning German designer known internationally for his design versatility, says a company spokesman.

The seat is available in different colours in the macro-families Cala (with four-leg frame) and Cala Cantilever, and stands out for its highly stackable reticular structure, which makes it the ideal product for the office environment. It will also be highly appreciated for its aesthetics and uniqueness in every contract and hospitality context, the spokesman adds.

Minimalism, comfort, and functionality unite Ballendat and the Venetian brand: a winning partnership, which aims for the exclusivity of the product.

Cala best interprets a minimalistic and captivating style, linear yet attractive, with an eye to the future and environment-friendliness, composed of entirely recyclable materials.

The range will be further expanded to include additional frames such as a bench and swivel.


New Missoni floors for all interiors

Bolon, a Swedish design company that offers innovative flooring solutions for public spaces, has launched the new Missoni Home flooring collection that explores 10 new flooring designs where the Italian fashion and design house Missoni’s characteristic art, design and craft marry Bolon’s quality flooring.

“We are so proud of our long-term relationship with the Missoni family. The 2019 collection is an eye-catching explosion of colours that will suit well for any interior projects,” says Annica Eklund, Bolon’s chief creative officer.

Two new patterns have been added to the collection – Trinidad and Fireworks. “While Trinidad is a vibrant, colourful, striped pattern recognised from Missoni Home’s iconic rug designs, Fireworks is inspired by one of Missoni Home’s signature fabrics and features a strong graphic pattern with a flowing gradient,” Eklund says.

The classic Zigzag is available in three new colours; Turquoise, which brings a visual character, Green for a natural vibe, and Red to give any space a refreshing lift. Flame is now available in the very popular Pineapple colour and Flame Patch in three brand new colourways – Lagoon, Wood and Black.

The novelties for 2019, such as the multicoloured Trinidad and black-and-white Fireworks inspired by the space-dyed fabrics of Missoni Home, offer additional unique touches to a collection, says Eklund.

All designs are available as a roll except Flame Patch which comes in 50 by 50 cm tiles. The collection is made in Sweden, contains recycled material, is easy to maintain, has a high-performance classification 33 Heavy commercial and a 15-year warranty.


Lee Broom creates an illusion with Kaleidoscopia

Lee Broom, one of the UK’s leading product designers, unveiled a mesmerising new lighting installation, Kaleidoscopia, at the London Design Festival 2019 last month.

The installation uses lights and large-scale mirrors to form an infinitely shifting optical illusion, and offers a sense of intrigue and escapism inspired by kaleidoscopic reflections.

An intimate exhibition with maximum impact, Kaleidoscopia is created with only mirrors and 17 of Lee Broom’s acclaimed Orion lights, and yet the multiple reflections give the appearance of a large, ethereal chandelier formed from more than 200 lights.

Orion Tube and Orion Globe lights are hung both horizontally and vertically to showcase the versatility of this product, which is designed to allow the end user to create bespoke constellations of light with infinite adaptations.

Only when inside Kaleidoscopia can one experience the full transformative visual impact of the installation, inspired by the interior of a kaleidoscope with a sequence of multiple images and mesmerising optical illusions. With its endless illumination and hypnotic soundtrack, the Kaleidoscopia experience takes viewers on an enthralling journey of altered perspectives, says Broom.