Caparol’s MEA team ... celebrating 20 years of success.

Caparol Paints is set to launch its third experience centre in the UAE in Abu Dhabi, adding to its two existing ones in Dubai and Sharjah.

These centres mark Caparol’s commitment to strengthen and support its reach and distribution. They also enhance the brand’s ability to help customers choose the right colours, paint textures and finishes, the company says.

The global manufacturer of German paints and coating solutions announced these plans as it marked the 20th anniversary of its successful operations in the Middle East and Africa last month. 

Over the last two decades, Caparol has introduced innovative solutions and products that have set new benchmarks in the region’s painting and coating segment. The German technology used in developing these solutions helped Caparol become the most reliable brand in paints and coatings segment across the region, it says.

 The company celebrated the milestone with a gala event in Dubai attended by over 200 key dignitaries, including Caparol’s global and regional leaders, authorities from Germany and the UAE, key customers and representatives from top infrastructure development companies and patrons from across the region. 

Caparol, one of the first global paint manufacturers with a production plant based in Dubai Industrial City, says it is spearheading the drive of architectural creativity in the region.

Dr Ralf Murjahn, CEO of DAW Group, of which Caparol is the premium brand, says: “We have reached an exciting milestone in the Middle East and Africa region. Caparol has always played a key role in accelerating the growth of sustainable development in the places it operates in. Our products have significant influence on individual health` like improving indoor air quality, managing indoor temperatures, humidity and acoustics.

“Caparol Paints leads innovation with a highly sophisticated research and development department that constantly initiates technologies and manufacturing techniques complementing the local market conditions.

“Our ambition for the future is not only to sell high quality paints of German technology, but also to improve the performance of buildings in the region, and thus contributeto the well-being of the people who live or work in those buildings.”

 Martin Rosocha, managing director – Middle East, Caparol Paints, says: “Our customer-focused approach has propelled the growth of Caparol across the painting and coating industry segments in the region. It would be our endeavour to consolidate Caparol’s position further in the coming years with a focus on quality, technology and customer experience and make it one of the strongest brands in the region. Caparol has shown a strong growth in the Middle East with revenues doubling in the last five years. We are happy to bring innovative products to this market.”

Furthermore, he says, Caparol takes a holistic approach by offering services for painters and plasterers, paint wholesalers, planners, architects and the housing industry. From colour collections, colour schemes, consultancy material, digital services and technical consultancy aids through tinting and construction site services, Caparol offers professional development as well.

Mowaffaq Balish, commercial director Middle East at Caparol Paints, points out that the company has achieved growth in the region by offering a wide range of quality solutions, powered by modern technology and in line with the evolving consumer requirements.

“We look forward to growing from strength to strength with exciting plans and developments afoot too. Our global footprint and broad portfolio are unmatched. We provide customers all the information helping them make an informed choice.

 “Caparol places high priority on serving the best interests of the society. By collaborating with local governments, business partners and non-profit organisations, Caparol practises an inclusive business model, rolling out social responsibility programmes that empower communities in which we operate,” Balish remarks.

Caparol Paints recently rebranded its product packaging with new green buckets with a ‘Go Green’ motto and a new look-and-feel of the products. This is aimed to contribute to the sustainable infrastructure development agenda of the UAE and region snf helps Caparol remain the market leader in the category of external thermal insulation systems and stone finishes for the past 20 years.