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Urban Mood ... a fresh mix of graphic shapes and modern décor.

Five themes from around the world

Maisons du Monde’s new Fall 2019 collection consists of five themes inspired by styles from around the world and which offer something to suit a breadth of tastes – perfect for the region’s diverse population.

“Maisons du Monde is passionate about offering something for everybody – an ethos that’s apparent in the huge variety offered at a range of pricing options,” says a spokesman for the global interior décor brand founded by French creative visionary Xavier Marie.

Inspired by the serenity of Japan, the first theme Azuki comes from the red bean that gives this décor trend its key colour. It makes use of natural materials, delicate patterns and minimalist designs.

Urban Mood is a fresh mix of graphic shapes, modern décor, and a touch of illustration. This spirit-lifting trend is fun and colourful and has storage and décor options for even small apartments.

Next, Into the Woods is the epitome of fall, with rustic charm, natural materials and comforting soft textures. Customers can choose from a variety of furnishings to create a cosy environment, reminiscent of a log cabin deep in the woods to help them unwind.

From fall to winter, Bruges is the embodiment of Belgian style and showcases simple luxury, comprising a mix of modern and rustic elements.

Drawing inspiration from the other side of the Atlantic, the Boston theme embodies modernism, warmth, urbanism and charm. The theme is all about contrasts, particularly in textures.


Honeywell’s Inncom Dali centralises control over lighting systems.

Honeywell’s Inncom Dali centralises control over lighting systems.

Honeywell’s smart lighting system aims to improve guest experiences

Honeywell has launched the Inncom Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI), a new smart lighting solution for the hospitality sector.

The module is a two-way communication system that enables the digitalisation of LED and non-LED lighting across a hotel property for flexible and reliable control, energy-efficient operations, predictive maintenance and customisable lighting settings.

“Across the region, facility managers and hotel operators are looking for ways to further enhance guest experience through the deployment of smart technologies while also reducing energy costs. Lighting accounts for a large percentage of energy consumption in hotels, and Honeywell’s Inncom DALI system enables full control over a hotel’s lighting systems from a centralised interface,” says Corentin Soistier, general manager for Honeywell, Building Management Systems, Middle East, Turkey and Africa.

Inncom Dali enhances guest experiences in hospitality settings by offering customisable scenes featuring colour lighting and tunable white variable colour temperature controls. The system also allows bi-directional communication between Dali equipment as well as energy management and guestroom control platforms.


Alno officials at the new Dubai branch.

Alno officials at the new Dubai branch.

Alno line-up reveals emerging trends

Alno has launched its new product line-up for the UAE market in association with Diemme Kitchen of Italy. The new products have been designed around new emerging trends in the kitchen décor market.

“We are glad to relaunch Alno into the UAE market in association with Diemme Kitchen. Our new branch is the first in Dubai and we are anticipating that the wide diversity of our collections is a perfect match for the varied demographic population residing here. Alno delivers creative product design which is showcased in a mix-and-match styling that brings to life enjoyable decorating ideas,” says Michael Spadinger, head of global sales at Alno.

Alno’s new line of products reflects the modern lifestyle of the millennial customers, be they consultants, contractors or developers of all nationalities in the UAE. Although designed for the modern customer, the kitchen fixtures have distinct roots to the past.

To reach out to the UAE customers, Alno has revamped its retail display unit and opened a new high-street store at Salah Al Din Street in Abu Hail, Deira, Dubai. The new showroom offers a larger product display area, with each display featuring top-selling Alno products – ranging from wood, ceramic and glass door panels and interior storage equipment to new-age drawer systems.