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The Ceralook range ... slim shapes with great ergonomics.

Ideal Standard’s Ceralook offers comfort and savings

Ideal Standard says its new, innovative Ceralook range offers the perfect mix of functionality and elegance in the kitchen, extending the best of comfort and savings with innovative features.

The slim Ceralook fittings benefit from Ideal Standard’s key technologies such as BlueStart which ensures that water is only heated when needed, reducing energy usage and ultimately lowering running costs, says Frederick Trzcinski, marketing and innovation director – Mena at Ideal Standard Gulf.

Several innovations are combined in this fitting: the pioneering Click technology which comes with a mechanical stop that limits water flow by up to 50 per cent, and the most durable water- and energy-saving FirmaFlow cartridge, engineered and manufactured in Germany, which exceeds the strictest European standards – giving an extended tap lifecycle of 10 to 15 years, he says.

The elegance of Ceralook range is further accentuated by slim shapes with great ergonomics, a stylish handle and a bi-colour pull-out spray, which allows to increase the radius of the tap for easier use of cleaning.


Milly ... a diverse choice of colours.

Milly ... a diverse choice of colours.

Colourful Milly is soft and enveloping

Viganò & C, an Italian manufacturer of chairs specifically designed for the workplace, has launched a versatile visitor armchair that is described as being perfect for offices as it blends harmoniously with the environment in terms of design and colour.

Milly formally breaks away from the standards associated with the classic ‘office armchair’, which is reinterpreted and redesigned by Basaglia + Rota Nodari, responsible for the company’s artistic direction and design management, says a spokesman for Viganò & C.

Its soft and enveloping shapes are complemented with a diverse choice of  fabrics,  coverings and colours, including the classic shades of gray, black and white to which are added relaxing light blues, blues and greens, and the vivacity of yellow, orange and red.

The chair leans on different structures: a chromed metal base available in fixed, swivel and swivel on wheels versions, and a steel rod frame in a chrome finish or RAL colours.

“To obtain an even more elegant and transversal chair, natural ash wood legs are available, making Milly suitable for a young and dynamic living room. Even small tables, round or rectangular, with legs in natural ash wood, are available with a white lacquered MDF top,” the spokesman adds.

Viganò & C, which boasts 60 years of experience in the sector, pays great attention to ergonomic design, technical details and materials – which it says is apparent in Milly.


Patavium and Steely ... offering a choice in design and finish.

Patavium and Steely ... offering a choice in design and finish.

Vimar video door entrance panels boast refined design

Vimar of Italy has introduced two new video door entrance panels which have been designed to integrate harmoniously in every urban context.

Patavium and Steely are different in terms of shape, finish, and materials but they share the same common denominator: their refined design, to meet with the most demanding architectural expectations, says a spokesman for Vimar.

Patavium combines the fascination of brass with rounded, elegant, timeless lines while Steely is made of steel, and is modern and linear. 

“Patavium’s sinuous curves are emphasised by golden reflections, while its timeless design and the satin brass make it the perfect option in prestigious contexts or combined with historical buildings,” he elaborates. “Steely is contemporary, modern and technological. Its modern appeal and the excellent aesthetic look of the stainless steel surface make this panel extremely modern, linear and simple and the perfect solution for any kind of building.”

Steely and Patavium can be freely combined through a wide range of audio and audio/video units, expansion modules with buttons module, display and alphanumeric keyboard.

Once installed, they provide a perfect video image thanks to the high performance of the audio/video module, a camera with manual horizontal and vertical pan-tilt movement and white LED lighting.