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Lino ... high-performance work chairs.

Herman Miller unveils new Lino Chair in Mideast

Herman Miller, the global design and furniture manufacturer, has introduced its latest work chair, Lino, in the Middle East, UK and European markets, following the product’s successful launch in the US last year.

Charged with designing high-performance work chairs at exceptional value, award-winning designers Hecht and Colin found inspiration in constraint. Thanks to its design prowess and Herman Miller’s ergonomic expertise – including the patented PostureFit technology – Lino brings scientifically-backed comfort and a wide range of aesthetic options to the workplace or home.

Backed by more than 50 years of Herman Miller’s industry-leading research and design, Lino holds the same DNA as the rest of the company’s performance work chairs, offering balance movement and dynamic fit.

Lino’s contoured seat works together with its high-performance breathable suspension, thanks to a composite of different thread tensions. Adjustable back support is also available for added comfort in the sacral and lumbar regions.

Stacy Stewart, regional director (MEA) at Herman Miller says the Lino Office Chair focuses on connecting value, design dexterity and ergonomic expertise.”

The attention to detail is also apparent in the chair’s minimal environmental impact – it is up to 97 per cent recyclable and is comprised of 26 per cent recycled materials. Lino is backed by Herman Miller’s 12-year, three-shift warranty, he adds.


Sphero ... innovative pendant lights.

Sphero ... innovative pendant lights.

Louis Poulsen goes BIG with new lamp series

DANISH lighting manufacturer Louis Poulsen has joined hands with BIG Ideas, a unit of the renowned architectural practice Bjarke Ingels Group, to launch its 2020 collection of lamps.

The new comprehensive lamp series, Keglen, is characterised by its distinctive design featuring a conical silhouette as well as classic superior lighting quality.

The key pieces in the Keglen series are four pendants that each provides its own diffusion of light using a curved glass insert, which is built into and adapted to each version of the shade.

The new lamp series is a further development of the ‘Tirpitz Pendant’, which was the result of first collaboration between Louis Poulsen and BIG Ideas. The pendant was created for the Tirpitz Museum in Blåvand, Denmark, which BIG designed for the Varde Museums, in 2017.

The main feature of the lamp is the organic shaped glass that sits perfectly beneath the cone as a small water droplet shaped by physics and cohesive forces in nature, explains Jakob Lange, partner, BIG Ideas.

This way the distinctive cone-shaped shades ensure an attractive and glare-free downward light, according to a spokesman for Louis Poulsen.

The lamps all have a discreet, uniform opening at the top that allows a little light to flow gently upwards and emphasise the structure of the cord.


Chromatica ... programme of 23 colours.

Chromatica ... programme of 23 colours.

Vibia unveils innovative chromatic scale for designers

Spanish lighting company Vibia has launched Chromatica, an innovative inspirational tool for architectural and interior design professionals, developed in collaboration with Note Design Studio.

Based on a study of the different elements that make up architectural environments, Chromatica is an introductory programme of 23 colours meticulously selected to combine with contemporary spaces and interiors, where light, colour and material play a crucial role.

The various tones suggested by Vibia range from subdued to vibrant with different options for surface finishes ranging from matt to gloss, for combining with materials and different tones like stone, concrete, metal and tile.

The chosen colour scale came about through the working experience of Vibia and Note regarding construction materials currently used by architects and how those materials are combined to create iconic and captivating spaces, says the Barcelona-based architectural lighting company.

According to Vibia, the chromatic scale can be organised in numerous ways, combining vibrant brights with stable foundation shades, or keeping a design monochromatic, for instance.