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Contrasti adds interest and character.

Contrasti tiles recall the ‘hand-made’ look

CTD Architectural Tiles says its new Contrasti collection will add interest and character to a wide range of spaces from cafes and restaurants to hotel bathrooms or front of house.

“Guaranteed to make an impressive statement, the variety of colour and pattern within the collection provides designers, specifiers and architects with the flexibility of choice as well as the best standards of technical performance,” says a spokesperson for the UK-based firm.

 Recalling the ‘hand-made’ look of traditional encaustic products, the Contrasti range combines natural shades with bright, innovative colours and geometric patterns to create a collection of six slightly mottled plain tiles, which contrast with the bright two-tone décors. Finished in a smooth matt finish, the glazed porcelain tiles are all available in a single versatile 200 by 200-mm size.

Part of the Saint-Gobain family, CTD Architectural Tiles specialises in the supply of high quality ceramic tile finishes and tiling solutions. The team works with industry leading manufacturers to offer a complete portfolio of ceramic and porcelain tile ranges to suit the architect, interior designer, developer and specification professional.


Guppy resembles the texture and colours and patterns of the fish scales.

Guppy resembles the texture and colours and patterns of the fish scales.

New lighting fixture fixated on tropical guppy

NEO, a Germany-based design studio and brand established by Rodrigo Vairinhos, has introduced an eye-catching avant-garde lighting fixture inspired by the design of the lavishly ornamented scales and fins of the tropical guppy fish and by 20th century cubist art movement.

Inspired by bright colours, patterns, geometric shapes and different proportions, the fixture that pops down the ceiling has been designed by Vairinhos to interpret his own version of a stylised fish. It combines polyester fabric with dichroic PVC film to resemble the texture and the dynamic holographic colours and patterns of the fish scales.

Spanning a cone of fabric mesh along an axis, the support has been elegantly modelled by the designer to carry the light source in the shape of a “stalactite” or “horn”, shaping the main visual characteristic of this lighting fixture.  The minimal and organic inspiration behind Guppy with its colour shifting effect carries freshness, fantasy, beauty and elegance all the way, says a spokesman for Neo.

 Vairinhos constantly creates juicy, unique and cutting-edge products featuring functionality, elegance and contemporary playfulness. He carefully chooses warm and organic materials and uses simple local production techniques.

Neo’s products are manufactured with local or regional non-toxic materials such as wood, ceramic and cork, and it makes use of technologies that supports the local industries, workshops, and craftspeople, avoiding processes or substances that pollute or are toxic.


SI-SI ... four versions offered.

SI-SI ... four versions offered.

Scab Design seeks a nod for SI-SI

SCAB Design, an Italian manufacturer of contemporary and modern furniture, has launched the SI-SI family of chairs and the Trick barstool which have been developed around a minimal yet functional concept based on modularity and interchangeability to complete indoor and outdoor environments.

These innovations that combine shape, beauty and functionality have been designed by Meneghello Paolelli Associati – Scab Design’s first collaboration with the company.

SI-SI is an eclectic, chameleon-like, multi-material seat with aesthetic strength and substance, to interpret the fragile balance between the indoors and outdoors. Four basic models are available, with characteristic details: SI-SI (smooth texture), SI-SI Dots (dotted texture), SI-SI Barcode (texture with vertical cuts), and SI-SI Wood (seat and backrest with wooden slats).

Trick is a barstool with a minimalist yet expressive design. The curves define the metal structure and are its pivotal element; the padded seat is comfortable and enveloping. In harmony and continuity with SI-SI, Trick has also been designed for mass production.