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Some 25 new shades are offered.

New colours added to antimicrobial fabric collection

UK-based Ultrafabrics has boosted its Ultraleather Pro antimicrobial fabric collection with new on-trend colours. These fresh colours have been added to both its hi-tech Fusion and Fusion Shimmer collections. 

Due to the current Covid-19 health crisis home-working and multifunctionality are here to stay and cleanliness and hygiene are top of the agenda, says Kelly Benke, Director of Product Merchandising at Ultrafabrics, which supplies high-performance fabrics.

“One area where architects and interior designers will be making changes – is materials – specifically materials for upholstery on sofas and chairs that don’t allow viruses to live on them for long periods,” he says.

Ultrafabrics’ Ultraleather Pro range is infused with EPA-registered antimicrobial protection and designed to be used on upholstery and vertical surfaces that require stringent and frequent cleaning with alcohol-based disinfectants.

Ultraleather Pro resists tough stains of ink, blood, ballpoint pen, blood, mustard, ketchup and coffee.

New colours are also being launched with Ultrafabrics’ Fusion and Fusion Shimmer collections which have a matte finish, a modern texture and soft touch. The 25 new shades give specifiers more options when addressing the increasing demands of settings including high-traffic spaces. “The demand for high quality, animal-free, hygienic surfaces will only increase over the coming months and years,” Benke concludes.


Light+Light aims to create an element of surprise

Italian wallpaper specialist Instabilelab has launched a collection of ‘bright’ wallpapers that aim to create an element of surprise when the light is switched on in the room.

Light+Light, as it is known, is an exclusive and decorative collection of wallpaper that shines in response to light patterns, thus creating a fascinating scenery.

“With Light+Light, the room no longer has walls and the light becomes the sublime main character,” says a spokesperson for the company.

The luminescent effect is obtained through the application of a phosphorescent pigments-based paint (applied by hand): the painted part absorbs any natural or artificial source of light, lighting up in the darkness for a variable duration, depending on the exposure time, he explains.

Suitable for residential and commercial environments, Light+Light is a highly decorative wallpaper that creates a great impact through its simplicity, with colours and patterns that complement the ambiance and the furniture in the room.

Light+Light is printed on the vinyl wallpaper backings and comes in yellow phosphorescence.


Colibrì impresses with its imposing presence

Furniture and designer accessories specialist Bonaldo says its new Colibrì oversize armchair offers immense comfort while creating an imposing presence within its setting.

The generous seat comfortably welcomes its guests and envelops them with its large backrest. The oversize seat and backrest are supported by an apparently slender swivel base, creating an interesting game of balances.

“The Colibrì armchair looks like it is lightweight, yet it has an imposing presence in the space,” explains a spokesman for the Italian company. “The five-spoke swivel base lends the overall image of lightness and motion, recalling that idea of ‘comfort without gravity’ conceived by the designer.”

The special padding of the seat and the backrest emphasises the sense of softness and comfort which is already guaranteed by the laminated fabric upholstery that adds volume to the figure, he adds.

The armchair has been designed by Fabrice Berrux, who says that when designing the armchair “from the very first sketches, I realised that what was taking shape looked very much like a hummingbird.”