The Media Office is located at One Central Tower in Downtown Dubai.

UAE project management firm 3SixtyConsult has recently completed the office fit-out as well as a full-scale, purpose-fit media and broadcast facility with commercial office space at The Dubai Press and Members Club in One Central Tower in Downtown Dubai for the Government of Dubai Media Office (GDMO).

The entire project, which boasts a built-up space of 4,200 sq m, was delivered within 11 months with the 3Sixty team working in collaboration with regionally and internationally known entities such as Summertown, Bluehaus Group, IT-Serve and Qvest Media.

On the key project, Managing Director Keenan Grote says: “The fit-out contract for Dubai Media Office was indeed a high-profile assignment for us. I am extremely proud of my team’s efforts and the fact that we are a UAE home-grown entity taking on first-rate projects for the government.”

“The Media Office’s team were equally instrumental in their respective roles to realise this ambitious timeline and requirements,” he adds.

The facility houses all the requirements of an international media office and also hosts a gallery and activation spaces to feature selected artists.

The facility houses all the requirements of an international media office and also hosts a gallery and activation spaces to feature selected artists.

Grote says the Media Office project entailed a full spectrum of requirements for any first rate, international media office including the Dubai Press and Members Club, three editorial suites, master control room, a conference room plus translation booth, one recording studio and several podcast booths, and areas with specialised video walls.

“We handed over the project within the aggressive space of 11 months in total – seven months for design development, appointment of specialised consultants, procurement and construction with four months of construction and fit-out time,” he states.

The entire media office sits across an entire floor plate of One Central Tower, Office Block 2 in Downtown Dubai. In addition to the technical spaces, Grote points out that it comprises a 250-sq-m terrace with pergola, water fountain and soft seating, which creates a more relaxing and comforting working environment.  Furthermore, it has several social and collaborative spaces such as, indoor garden and olive tree library.

“Mission-critical assignments are 3Sixty’s ‘sweet spot’ and where we tend to shine,” observes Grote.

The role of 3SixtyConsult was to coordinate with all entities to ensure a successful delivery while meeting client expectations.

Whether through the appointment of the specialised consultants, AV, IT, system integrators, or design management, and coordination, or the physical installation of the works on-site, 3SixtyConsult managed all aspects of the design, procurement and implementation stages of the project, overseeing activities from strategic definition through to usage, he states.

The media and broadcast facility ... purpose-fit.

The media and broadcast facility ... purpose-fit.

“We have been responsible for many media and broadcast deliveries in the country and throughout the region including Baynounah, TwoFour54 and OSN, among others, due to our technical proficiency in these detail-oriented and complex projects,” he adds.

According to him, 3SixtyConsult worked alongside and managed some of the region’s best-known entities in fit out, contracting, integration and design such as Bluehaus Group, Summertown, IT-Serve and the international firm specialized system integrator, Qvest, which handled the design, installation and migration of all media and broadcast elements of the project, including the master control room, editorial suites and central apparatus room (CAR).

Commenting on the new facility, Mohammed Hamid, Project Manager & Consultant of Qvest Media, says: “The media and broadcast migration of this project had unique parameters that had to be met considering the profile of the entity it is built for and the international reach and requirements to host a large number of high-profile journalists and press officers.”

“We had to be vigilant and careful in how we planned the broadcast media and other technical aspects. The 3Sixty team has considerable expertise and technical competency in broadcast migration and working with them was seamless and collaborative,” he adds.

In addition to housing all the requirements of an international media office, the Government of Dubai Media Office has a gallery and activation spaces to feature selected artists and represents the media office’s creative aim for the Emirate of Dubai, which is portrayed through the creative arm of the entity Brand Dubai, he explains.