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Nexxa ... a new rotational mechanism.

Nexxa embodies seamless movement

Zaha Hadid Design (ZHD), in partnership with the architectural ironmongery specialist izé, has released Nexxa, a unique door handle concept characterised by a seamless gesture through space. 

The initial concept for the lever handle began as an exploration into its function. By considering the handle’s intended use, as a means of transitioning from one space to the next, it provided an opportunity to emphasise a sense of discovery, by prolonging the action of the handle rotation.

By purposefully experimenting with the proportions, a playful balance was achieved between form and scale. The articulation of the lever, as an angled projection, provided an opportunity to add a sculptural refinement; extending the visual interest beyond the functional.

Discussing the advancements in design software and prototyping tools, Maha Kutay, co-director of Zaha Hadid Design explains ‘3D printers allowed us to experiment with form and made it easier and quicker for us to refine the design, to make it more ergonomic. We were working with izé’s sculptor and model maker throughout the process and this back and forth was incredibly productive.’

The Nexxa is available in variants of four distinct finishes and colour ways, of which the Satin Rose-Gold is unique to ZHD within the izé portfolio.


New Idea ... smart.

New Idea ... smart.

Smart Idea is born

Italy-based Vimar’s Idea series of wiring systems, which can be found in millions of homes, has now become smart.

With the new devices from the Idea series, making homes connected is simple, quick and it requires no masonry work, according a spokesman for the company.

“Simply replace certain traditional one-way switches in the existing system with new connected devices and then power them. The rigorous silhouettes of the cover plate in the Classica version or the softer ones of the Rondò version can now house two-way switches, actuators and connected gateways, turning a traditional wiring system into a latest-generation one,” he says.

Using the App or a smart speaker, the system can also be accessed remotely, to control the lighting in the environment, raise or lower roller shutters or motorised curtains, monitor electricity consumption throughout the home or of individual appliances, and create and manage up to 16 scenarios with ease.

Thanks to radio frequency controls, the system can be extended at any time. Developed on Bluetooth technology, the switches do not require any wires or batteries to be powered, which means they can be positioned on any surface, for instance glass or wood, without having to perform any masonry work, he adds.

The new wiring devices retain the same classic and elegant styling but with innovative digital functions to ensure \comfort, efficiency and safety.


Finn ... minimalist architecture.

Finn ... minimalist architecture.

Finn offers a welcoming seat

With the launch of Finn seats, ScabDesign has once again created products that combine shape, beauty and functionality in an all-Italian design.

These highly flexible chairs for the private and contract sector are the result of technical research and selection of materials combined with a continuous study of the relationship between form and function. 

The Finn seats (chairs and armchairs), designed by Marcello Ziliani, combine contrasting materials and finishes combine comfort and versatility. The seat enhances the size of the structure, while profiles with deliberately generous sections create a pure and minimalist architecture to become the supporting element of a soft, welcoming and enveloping seat.

“The Finn project comes from this contrast, a fusion of Nordic elements filtered through typically Italian sweetness and softness, in a play of references and relationships in search of the perfect synthesis between tension and balance,” says Ziliani.

The chair and armchair are available, respectively for frame and seat, in combinations of steel and wood, steel and fabric, wood and wood, wood and fabric, to provide the most varied living solutions.