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Solar System ... part of the Space Collection.

Circu rugs bring in the outer Space

Circu Magical Furniture of Portugal started off the year with a new rugs collection: The Space Collection, composed of eight new rugs inspired by the moon, the stars, and space.

These include the Stellar, which is inspired by the galaxy’s constellations; Astroman, by the Apollo programme coordinated by NASA; IV Planets, by the planets of the solar system; Solar System; Planet Party; Hello, Stranger; Thunder Rocket; and Mr Martian rugs.

The Space Collection has a dark blue and grey palette as the main colours and is offered in a choice of round or rectangular shape. The rugs are available in different dimensions and can be customised.

Circu, a kids brand, created an out-of-this-world collection to inspire the little ones, it says. Stepping out of its comfort zone, it has crafted this striking rugs collection inspired by the universe, with an incredible illustrative design.

Circu rugs are handcrafted and hand-tailored in Portugal using some of the finest materials, says the manufacturer.


Forest uses Iroko wood.

Forest uses Iroko wood.

Fast expands its Forest collection

Italy-based furniture specialist Fast has enriched the Forest collection, its bestseller since 2007, with three new models of chairs, all characterised by the use of the prestigious Iroko wood: the rocking chair with sleds in Iroko and the armchair and the chair with aluminium legs covered in Iroko.

The new models widen the collection, which already includes a chair, armchair, stools and lounge versions. They are made of aluminium and available in 14 colours including white, black, metal grey, pearl gold, pastel blue, dust grey, creamy white, dark brown, green tea, dark blue, blue teal, iron grey, maracuja and terracotta.

The chair and the armchair are available also in a chrome finish with polished legs and swivelling base or with wheels.

Forest draws its inspiration from the shapes found in nature. “Nature teaches us,” explains Robby Cantarutti, Italian architect and industrial designer. “A fundamental aspect of Forest’s design is research, which consists in observing and copying nature so as to establish a close bond with it, using the same language in its design. The success of this collection is based on love for nature, thanks to which the harmonious relationships of nature have been understood and translated into an artificial element, namely in Forest seats.”



Manital presents Syntax handle

Manital, an Italian manufacturer of door and window handles, has unveiled what it describes as a new classic contemporary handle.

Syntax, as it is named, combines a knurled zig-zag pattern, with a simple and calibrated cylindrical form, to give life to a model that blends together both classical and contemporary styles, resulting in a simple yet elegantly refined product.

“Manital decided to utilise a distinctive feature of a longstanding tradition for this lever handle, otherwise known as knurling, which embellishes the object and makes the handle particularly solid,” says a spokesman for the company. “At the same time, the dimensions, the ergonomic and calibrated form, along with the different finishes and contrasting effect of the knurling, results in a model that is contemporary, and dynamic, which ultimately stands out in a variety of environments.”

Syntax is made of brass, available in polished brass, chrome, nickel, bronze, anthracite black and polished copper finishes.